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Academic Vs Technical

Academic Education syllabus designed by universities and colleges by the professional academic experts concentrates on the generalized concepts of their discipline. Ofcourse the academic degree is most valuable to enter into any IT company or to process VISA to enter into other countries for both professional experience and economic growth.

Technical Education is the most important aspect for getting into a professional career. The reason is when you go to attend a interview most of the technical discussion comes from the technical area which is currently required and hot in the market. If you can prove yourself knowledgable, the percentage of marks what you scored in the academic education doesnt matter.(most of the companies) why? what the reason behind this. The reason being the IT companies look for smart candidates who can adapt to the latest technology very fast and give a project deliverable. They are not bothered whether you have a BA degree or an engineering degree or a masters degree.

Hence if you have the real passion to get into an IT career get enrolled to the latest technical education which suits you and enjoy the technology and all the very best for your professional career in the IT industry.