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ADO.NET gives a bridge between the front end controls and the back end database. The ADO.NET objects exemplify all the information get to activities and the controls associate with these items to show information, in this manner concealing the points of interest of development of information. The dataset speaks to a subset of the database. It doesn’t have a consistent association with the database. To refresh the database a reconnection is required.

The DataRelation objects speak to the connection between two tables.ADO.NET is a substantial arrangement of .NET classes that empower us to recover and control information, and refresh information sources, in exceptionally numerous ways.  The DataSet contains DataTable items and DataRelation objects.

As an essential piece of the .NET structure, it shares a large number of its highlights; highlights, for example, multi-dialect bolster, refuse gathering, without a moment to spare aggregation, question situated plan, and dynamic storing, and is significantly more than an update of past variants of ADO.

ADO.NET is set to wind up a center part of any information driven .NET application or Web Administration, and understanding its energy will be basic to anybody wishing to use .NET information support to greatest impact.


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The ADO.NET DataSet is the center segment of the disengaged engineering of ADO.NET. The DataSet is expressly composed for information get to free of any information source. Subsequently it can be utilized with different and varying information sources, utilized with XML information, or used to oversee information neighborhood to the application. The DataSet contains an accumulation of at least one DataTable objects made up of lines and segments of information, and also essential key, remote key, limitation, and connection data about the information in the DataTable items.ADO.NET’s rich information get to classes enable designers to support their profitability. Current ADO designers ought to have no issues getting up to speed with the protest demonstrate, in light of the fact that ADO.NET is a characteristic development of ADO.

The center usefulness continues as before. Regardless we have the association question, speaking to the pipeline through which orders are executed. With ADO.NET, the usefulness is calculated and disseminated to each question in the modelmuch superior to in past variants of ADO. For instance, the association question is dependable just to connect to and disengaging from the information source. In ADO.NET, we can never again execute a question straightforwardly through the association protest. Albeit a few engineers may miss this capacity, it is a positive development for union of part advancement. ADO.NET additionally supports designers’ profitability through extensibility. Since ADO.NET structure classes are overseen code, designers can acquire and stretch out these classes to their custom needs. On the off chance that you favor not to do this low-level legwork, you can utilize the Visual Studio. NET information outline condition to produce these classes for you.

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Course Obejctive

  • Introduction to ADO.NET
  • Explain SQL Connection
  • Describe the Connection string in web.config file
  • Explain SQLCommand in ADO.NET
  • Explain SQLDataReader in ADO.NET
  • Explain SQL Command Builder

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