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Alfresco is the main Open Source elective for customary Enterprise Content Management (ECM) programming projects, for example, Documentum, Filenet, Sharepoint, and so forth. It covers all the branches of ECM, viz Document Management, Collaboration, Records Management, Learning Management, Web Content Management, and Imaging. It is accessible free of cost to download and execute. The installers are of two sorts: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

The Community release is additionally called as Labs Edition, and it is for inside use in the association, similar to advancement exercises, and so on. Where as the Enterprise release needs membership from In the open air sellers, to actualize it underway.

The Alfresco Community Edition is intended for use by designers and specialized devotees in noncritical situations. The The Alfresco Enterprise Edition is a creation prepared, push tried ensured fabricate that is supported by Alfresco Software Inc.

It is a completely supported Alfresco Product. Alfresco is totally based on the accompanying open measures: Java, Java Content Repository, Programming interface, Java Portlet Integration, Spring Framework, Hibernate ORM Persistence, Lucene Text Search Engine, WebDAV, Open Office. The most recent rendition of Alfresco Community Edition can be downloaded from here.


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In the open air gives the accompanying Clients to the straightforward entry to the clients: Alfresco Explorer, Alfresco Share, Alfresco Explorer is the principle customer which is utilized to execute Document Management, and usage Web Content Management. In the open air Share is the customer which is utilized for simple offer of archives (Like a Portal), thus the substantial utilization of transmission capacity for exchanging the reports can be stayed away from, and in this way helps in Collaboration. Aside from the offer of records, it likewise gives wiki, locales, and so forth. Alfresco incorporates two kinds of out of the crate work process. The first is the Simple Workflow, which is content-situated, and the other is the Advanced Workflow, which is undertaking focused. The Simple Workflow process in Alfresco includes the development of records through different spaces. It is basic, as every work process definition is limited to a solitary state.

Different states are accomplished by freely entwining different work process definitions. Free coupling is accomplished by appending a work process definition to a space and a work process example to a substance thing. A substance thing is moved or duplicated to another space and soon thereafter another work process occasion is joined, which depends on the work process meaning of the space. Basic Workflow is executed as an angle that can be connected to any report in a space using business rules. Work process can likewise be conjured on singular substance things as activities. Work process has two stages. One is for endorsement while the other one is for dismissal. You can allude to the up and coming picture, where work process is characterized for the records in a space called Review Space. The clients having a place with the Review Space can follow up on the report. On the off chance that they dismiss, at that point the archive moves to a space called Rejected Space.

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Course Objective


  • Architecture review
  • Start-up and connecting
  • Minimum configuration requirements
  • Subsystems
  • User Interface
  • Standard interfaces
  • The Share architecture
  • Users and Groups
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Authentication
  • Authentication
  • a website & how it is used?
  • Roles
  • Security and Permissions
  • Authentication
  • Roles or Permission Groups
  • Managing Permissions
  • Permissions
  • Repository Configuration
  • Configuration
  • Content Model Overview
  • Relationships, types, aspects and associations
  • What is a content model
  • Built in types & aspects
  • Deploying a content model
  • Creating Content Models
  • Explanation about Content models
  • Types & properties

Deploying content models

  • Associations, aspects & constraints
  • User Interface Manifestation
  • Advanced Topics
  • Spring Framework
  • Foundation services API
  • Web services API
  • Separating concerns using AOP
  • Extending Alfresco Repository
  • Repository actions
  • Repository policies
  • Content transformers
  • Metadata extractors
  • Document or Records management
  • Creation of documents, workflows and deployment
  • MS-Office Integration
  • OCR, scanning & indexing (Overview)


  • Architecture and technology
  • Forms Overview
  • Various Terminology
  • Forms used in Alfresco Share
  • UI controls Configuration
  • How to Change default User Interface (UI) control behavior
  • How to Change list of aspects a user can select
  • Display of a new custom type
  • Label alignment customization
  • Content Search
  • Overview of Lucene search
  • Lucene APIs and search examples for WCM, DM & RM


  • Web Scripts Types
  • Components of a Web Script
  • How Components Work Together
  • User Interface Web scripts
  • Web Scripts in Applications & Portals
  • Web Scripts in Action
  • Creating Web Scripts
  • Defining a Web script
  • web script Storing
  • Registering a Web Script
  • Registered Web Scripts Listing
  • Invoking a Web Script
  • Developing Java Backed web scripts

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