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Apache Hive is an open source data warehouse system based over Hadoop Haused for querying and analyzing large datasets put away in Hadoop documents. It process organized and semi-organized information in Hadoop. This Apache Hive instructional exercise clarifies nuts and bolts of Apache Hive and Hive history in incredible subtle elements. In this hive instructional exercise, we will find out about the requirement for a hive and its attributes. This Hive control likewise covers internals of Hive design.

At first, you need to compose complex Map-Reduce occupations, yet now with the assistance of Hive, you simply require to submit just SQL questions. Hive is predominantly focused towards users who are OK with SQL. Hive utilize dialect called HiveQL (HQL), which is like SQL.

HiveQL consequently makes an interpretation of SQL-like questions into MapReduce occupations. Hive abstracts the many-sided quality of Hadoop. The primary concern to see is that there is no compelling reason to learn java for Hive.

The Hive for the most part runs on your workstation and believers your SQL inquiry into a progression of employments for execution on a Hadoop group. Apache Hive arranges information into tables. This gives a way to appending the structure to information put away in HDFS. Give us a chance to investigate the highlights in detail beneath.


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We ought to be energized that Apache Hive people group have discharged the biggest discharge and declared the accessibility of Apache Hive 2.0.0. It gets incredible and energizing enhancements the class of new usefulness, Performance, Optimizations, Security, and Usability. Give us a chance to investigate the highlights in detail beneath. The current metastore usage is moderate when tables have at least thousands segments. With Tez and Spark motors we are pushing Hive to a point where questions just take a couple of moments to run. Be that as it may, arranging the inquiry can take insofar as running it. Quite a bit of this time is spent in metadata operations. Because of scale impediments we have never enabled undertakings to discuss specifically with the metastore. Nonetheless, with the advancement of LLAP this prerequisite should be casual. In the event that we can unwind this there are other utilize cases that could advantage from this. Eating our own puppy nourishment. As opposed to utilizing outer frameworks to store our metadata there are advantages to utilizing different segments in the Hadoop framework.

At the point when Hive work is propelled by Oozie, a Hive session is made and work content is executed. Session is shut when Hive work is finished. In this way, Hive session isn’t shared among Hive employments either in an Oozie work process or crosswise over work processes. Since the parallelism of a Hive work executed on Spark is affected by the accessible agents, such Hive employments will endure the agent increase overhead. The thought here is to hold up a bit so enough agents can come up before an occupation can be executed.

Hye Infotech provides the best training on Apache Hive in chennai. We arrange classes based on student feasible timings, to take online or classroom trainings in chennai. We are the Best Apache Hive Training Institute in Chennai as far as Apache Hive syllabus is concerned.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop Fundamentals
  • Dimensions of Big data
  • Type of Data generation
  • Apache ecosystem & its projects
  • Hadoop distributors
  • HDFS core concepts
  • Modes of Hadoop employment
  • HDFS Flow architecture
  • HDFS MrV1 vs. MrV2 architecture
  • Types of Data compression techniques
  • Rack topology
  • HDFS utility commands
  • Min h/w requirements for a cluster & property files changes
  • MapReduce Design flow
  • MapReduce Program (Job) execution
  • Types of Input formats & Output Formats
  • MapReduce Datatypes
  • Performance tuning of MapReduce jobs
  • Counters techniques
  • Hive architecture flow
  • Types of hive tables flow
  • DML/DDL commands explanation
  • Partitioning logic
  • Bucketing logic
  • Hive script execution in shell & HUE
  • Introduction to Hbase concepts
  • Introdcution to NoSQL/CAP theorem concepts
  • Hbase design/architecture flow
  • Hbase table commands
  • Hive + Hbase integration module/jars deployment
  • Hbase execution in shell/HUE
  • Introduction to Sqoop concepts
  • Sqoop internal design/architecture
  • Sqoop Import statements concepts
  • Sqoop Export Statements concepts
  • Quest Data connectors flow
  • Incremental updating concepts
  • Creating a database in MySQL for importing to HDFS
  • Sqoop commands execution in shell/HUE
  • Introduction to Flume & features
  • Flume topology & core concepts
  • Property file parameters logic
  • Introduction to Hue design
  • Hue architecture flow/UI interface
  • Introduction to zookeeper concepts
  • Zookeeper principles & usage in Hadoop framework
  • Basics of Zookeeper
  • Principles of Hadoop administration & its importance
  • Hadoop admin commands explanation
  • Balancer concepts
  • Rolling upgrade mechanism explanation

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