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Apache Pig is a stage for breaking down extensive informational collections that comprises of an abnormal state dialect for communicating information examination programs, combined with framework for assessing these projects. The striking property of Pig programs is that their structure is agreeable to significant parallelization, which in turns empowers them to deal with vast informational indexes.

These tasks express an information stream that the pig execution condition changes into an executable portrayal and after that runs it precisely. The Apache Pig is a stage for overseeing substantial arrangements of information which comprises of abnormal state programming to break down the information according to the necessities relegated.

Pig for the most part comprises of the foundation to assess the many-sided quality of the program. The upsides of Pig writing computer programs is that it can without much of a stretch handle parallel procedures correspondingly dealing with an extensive number of information.

The programming on this stage is finished by utilizing the printed dialect Pig Latin. A Pig Latin program is enormous gathering of arrangement of tasks or changes which are actualized to the information records to produce yield. Organizations which have information and “enormous information” need to mechanize some of their procedures, they need to improve items .


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Organizations which have information and “enormous information” need to mechanize some of their procedures, they need to improve items for their clients, need to make new items and stages. On the off chance that you don’t occur to be Steve Jobs or somebody who has common experiences of what clients and buyers need from the item or see new highlights, at that point you are reliant on information. Criticism of clients, their use, log records of the site and measurements are everything that influence you to run speedier. They are not what you run with(it is simply the item) however how you run speedier. (Such a great amount for the similarity). Pig paper likewise presents the fundamental inspiration for Pig why it is valuable and how can it fit into the examination and information handling in Hadoop. Additionally, as you read the paper you understand that the preparing pipeline is really Directed Acyclic Graph and paper goes somewhat more in profundity in hypothetical parts of Pig(the programming dialect). Lethargic assessment: unless you don’t create a yield ]record or does not yield any message, it doesn’t get assessed. This has preference in the coherent arrangement, it could enhance the program start to finish and streamlining agent could create a productive arrangement to execute.

Decrease in developed time. This is the greatest preferred standpoint particularly considering vanilla guide decrease employments’ many-sided quality, time-spent and support of the projects. Expectation to learn and adapt isn’t steep, any individual who does not know how to compose vanilla delineate or SQL so far as that is concerned could get and can compose outline employments; difficult to ace, however. Procedural, not revelatory not at all like SQL, so less demanding to take after the summons and gives better expressiveness in the change of information each progression. Contrasting with vanilla guide decrease, it is significantly more like an english dialect. It is succinct and dissimilar to Java yet more like Python. I extremely enjoyed the possibility of dataflow where everything is about information despite the fact that we forfeit control structures like for circle or if structures. This authorizes the engineer to consider the information yet nothing else. In Python or on the other hand Java, you make the control structures(for circle and uncertainties) and get the information change as a reaction. In here, information and as a result of information, information change is a top of the line native.

Hye Infotech provides the best training on Apache Pig in chennai. We arrange classes based on student feasible timings, to take online or classroom trainings in chennai. We are the Best Apache Pig Training Institute in Chennai as far as Apache Pig syllabus is concerned.

Course Objective

  • Introduction to Apache Pig
  • Introduction
  • Prerequisites for PIG
  • Use Cases of PIG
  • Getting Started with Apache PIG
  • What is Big Data and Hadoop?
  • Hadoop MapReduce
  • What is Apache PIG?
  • PIG vs. MapReduce
  • Where to use PIG, where not!!
  • Pig Latin Language and its Statement
  • PIG Latin Language
  • Running PIG in Different Modes
  • PIG Architecture
  • PIG Latin Statements
  • PIG Model and Operators
  • PIG Data Model
  • Cast and Comparison Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • PIG Built in Functions
  • Eval Functions
  • Load and Store Functions
  • Tuple and Bag Functions
  • PIG Scripts and UDF
  • Create and Run PIG Scripts
  • Writing JAVA UDF
  • Control Structures
  • Embedded PIG in JAVA
  • PIG Macros
  • Parameter Substitution
  • Shell and Utility Commands
  • Shell Commands
  • Utility Commands
  • Compression with PIG
  • Compressed Files
  • Compress the Results of Intermediate Jobs
  • 10.Testing and Diagnostics
  • Diagnostic Operators
  • PIGUnit

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