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Programming interface testing is for the most part utilized for the framework which has gathering of API that should be tried. Thesystem could be framework programming, application programming or libraries.API testing is not the same as other testing writes as GUI is infrequently associated with API Testing. Indeed in the event that GUIis not engaged with API testing, despite everything you have to setup beginning condition, summon API with requiredset of parameters and at that point at last dissect the result.Setting beginning condition wind up complex since GUI isn’t included.

If there should be an occurrence of API, you need to have some approach to ensure that framework is prepared for testing.This can be partitioned promote in test condition setup and application setup. Things like databaseshould be designed, server ought to be begun are identified with test condition setup.

On the otherhand protest ought to be made before calling non static individual from the class falls under applicationspecific setup.Initial condition in Programming interface testing additionally includes making conditions under which API will be called.Probably, API can be called specifically or it can be called as a result of some occasion or accordingly of some special case.

Programming interface testing isn’t Unit trying. Unit testing is possessed by advancement group and API by QE team.


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The two API-testing and unit-testing focus on the code-level, henceforth comparable apparatuses can be utilized for bothactivities. There are a few open source apparatuses accessible for API testing and a couple of them areWebinject, Junit, XMLUNIT, HttpUnit, ANT etc.3. Programming interface testing process includes testing the strategies for .NET, JAVA, J2EE APIs for any legitimate, invalid,and wrong information sources, and furthermore testing the APIs on Application servers.4. Unit testing movement is claimed by the advancement group; and the engineers are normal tobuild Unit tests for every one of their code modules (these are commonly classes, capacities, storedprocedures, or some other ‘nuclear’ unit of code), and to guarantee that every module passes its unittests prior to the code is incorporated into a construct.

Programming interface testing, then again, is claimed by the QEteam, a staff other than the creator of the code. Programming interface tests are regularly pursued the assemble is prepared, andit is regular that the creators of the tests don’t approach the source code; they essentiallycreate discovery tests against an API as opposed to the conventional GUI.5. Another key distinction amongst API and Unit testing lies in the Experiment plan. Unit tests aretypically intended to confirm that every unit in separation executes as it should. The extent of unittesting frequently does not consider the framework level collaborations of the different units. While, APItesting, are intended to consider the ‘full’ usefulness of the framework, as it will be utilized by the enduser. This implies API tests must be significantly more broad than unit tests, and take intoconsideration the sorts of ‘situations’ that the API will be utilized for, which regularly involveinteractions between a few unique modules inside the application.

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Course Objective

  • API Testing Training Course Syllabus
  • Overview of APIs
  • Types of API
  • API testing
  • Test Harness
  • Requirement of Command Line Tools or scripting
  • Web API testing
  • Web Services API Testing
  • Challenges of API Testing
  • Best Practices in the API Testing
  • Case study
  • API test tools-SOAPUI

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