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Big Data Testing Training


Big Data alludes to substantial volume of information, that can’t be handled utilizing customary databases. When we have sensible measures of information we regularly utilize conventional social databases like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server to store and work with the information. However when we have huge volume of information then conventional databases won’t have the capacity to deal with the information. Putting away information without breaking down it to increase significant bits of knowledge from the information.

Testing Big Data application is increasingly a confirmation of its information handling instead of testing the individual highlights of the product item. When it comes to Big information testing, execution and useful testing are the key. Before testing the application, it is important to check the nature of information and ought to be considered as a piece of database testing.

In Big data testing QA engineers confirm the effective preparing of terabytes of information utilizing product group and other steady segments. It requests an abnormal state of testing aptitudes as the handling is quick. Preparing might be of three types.

Alongside this, information quality is likewise an essential factor in huge information testing. Before testing the application, it is important to check the nature of information and ought to be considered as a piece of database testing. It includes checking different qualities like similarity, exactness, duplication, consistency, legitimacy, information culmination, and so on.


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Huge Data testing guarantees that your information is solid by testing the quality, precision and trustworthiness of your information lying at distinctive sources and channels. It likewise causes you approve applications that work on Big Data, upgrading the in general business procedures and basic leadership. Furthermore, there are a few advantages of making Big Data testing a fundamental piece of your Big Data speculation. Huge Data is developing at a fast pace. As per IBM, 90% of the world’s information has been made in the previous 2 years. What’s more, with Big Data comes awful data.Analyst firm Gartner says the normal association loses $14.2 million yearly through poor Data Quality. Experian Data Quality report states 99% of associations have an information quality system set up. This is irritating in that these Data Quality practices are not finding the awful information that exists in their Big Data.

Enormous Data testing is totally extraordinary. The essential objectives of information testing your Big Data are confirming information fulfillment, guarantee information change, guarantee information quality, computerize the relapse testing. Be that as it may, the 2 primary techniques, Sampling (too known as “gaze and think about”) and Minus Queries, have significant defects. Guarantee information quality with QuerySurge. QuerySurge is the synergistic information testing arrangement that discovers awful information in Big Data and gives an all encompassing perspective of your information’s wellbeing. It guarantees that the information you remove from sources stays in place in the objective by examining and rapidly pinpointing any contrasts in your Big Data at each touchpoint.

Hye Infotech provides the best training on Big Data Testing in chennai. We arrange classes based on student feasible timings, to take online or classroom trainings in chennai. We are the Best Big Data Testing Training Institute in Chennai as far as Big Data Testing syllabus is concerned.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Big Data and Bad Data
  • Characteristics of Big Data (3Vs)
  • Big Data Testing Vs. Traditional Database Testing
  • Tools used in Big Data Scenarios
  • Challenges in Big Data Testing
  • Testing Big data Systems
  • Big data Testing Strategy
  • Testing Steps in verifying Big Data Applications
  • Data Staging Validation
  • “MapReduce” Validation
  • Output validation Phase
  • Testing Methods, Tools and Reporting
  • For validation of Pre-Hadoop Processing
  • For Hadoop MapReduce Processes
  • For Data Extract and EDW Loading
  • Testing Methods, Tools and Reporting on Analytics
  • Four Big Data reporting strategies
  • Methodology for report testing
  • Apache Falcon
  • Performance and Failover Testing
  • Performance testing and Approach
  • Failover testing
  • Methods and tools
  • Jepsen
  • Infrastructure Setup, Design and Implementation
  • Hardware selection for master nodes
  • Hardware selection for slave nodes
  • Infrastructure setup key points

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