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C is a center level programming dialect created by Dennis Ritchie amid the mid 1970s while working at AT&T Bell Labs in USA. The goal of its improvement was with regards to the re-plan of the UNIX working framework to empower it to be utilized on various PCs. UNIX had been planned in 1969 by Ken Thompson, who composed the framework in low level computing construct in a DEC PDP-7 PC.

Thompson made changes and added development to finish the framework. Brian W. Kernighan named the framework UNIX, for the most part written in gathering code. Be that as it may, other than constructing agent and FORTRAN, UNIX additionally incorporated a translator for the programming dialect B. This dialect B was currently utilized for enhancing the UNIX framework.

Being an abnormal state dialect, B permitted considerably speedier generation of code than in low level computing construct. In any case, B experienced downsides as it didn’t comprehend information writes and did not give the utilization of “structures”.

The birthplace of C++ goes back to 1979 when Bjarne Stroustrup, additionally a worker of Bell AT &T, began taking a shot at dialect C with classes. He obtained alluring highlights from numerous different dialects like Simula, Ada, ML, CLU and ALGOL 68.


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Along these lines, in expansion to highlights of C dialect, C++ additionally included classes, solid compose checking, default work contention and essential legacy. Till 1983, it was called C with classes, and in 1983 it was named C++. Amid 1998, a joint ANSI-ISO advisory group discharged the determination for C++ dialect norms. In mid-2011, C++11, another C++ standard was discharged. It was extensively affected from the Boost library venture and numerous of the new modules were sourced specifically from the relating Boost libraries. It additionally included other new highlights including an exhaustive randomization library, customary articulation bolster , another C++ time library, a standard threading library, atomics bolster, auto watchword, enhanced help for unions and exhibit instatement records, new layouts and compartment classes. C++14, discharged in December 2014, included littler changes and bug settles over C++11.

As a center level dialect, C consolidates the highlights of both abnormal state and low level dialects. It can be utilized for low-level programming, for example, scripting for drivers and portions and it likewise bolsters elements of abnormal state programming dialects, for example, scripting for programming applications and so forth. C is an organized programming dialect which enables a mind boggling system to be broken into easier projects called capacities. It additionally permits free development of information over these capacities. C dialect is case-touchy. C is very compact and is utilized for scripting framework applications which shape a noteworthy piece of Windows, UNIX and Linux working framework. C is a universally useful programming dialect and can effectively chip away at big business applications, recreations, designs, and applications requiring counts. C dialect has a rich library which gives various implicit capacities. It likewise offers dynamic memory designation. C++ is a very versatile dialect and is regularly the dialect of decision for multi-gadget, multi-stage application improvement. C++ is a protest arranged programming dialect and incorporates classes, legacy, polymorphism, information reflection and embodiment. C++ has a rich capacity library. C++ permits special case taking care of, and work over-burdening which are unrealistic in C. C++ is an intense, productive and quick dialect. It finds an extensive variety of utilizations – from GUI applications to 3D designs for amusements to ongoing scientific reenactments.

Hye Infotech provides the best training on C & C++ Training in chennai. We arrange classes based on student feasible timings, to take online or classroom trainings in chennai. We are the Best C & C++ Training Institute in Chennai as far as C & C++ syllabus is concerned.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • The C Language and its Advantages
  • C Structure
  • Writing C Programs
  • Building an Executable Version of a C Program
  • Debugging a C Program
  • Examining and Running a C Application Program
  • Data Types and Variables
  • Data Types
  • Operands, Operators, and Arithmetic Expressions
  • Input/Output Management
  • The Input/Output Concept
  • Formatted Input Function
  • Control-Flow Statements
  • The Control-Flow Program Statements
  • Looping Statements
  • The Data-checking process
  • Modular Programming with Functions
  • The C Function
  • Passing Data to Functions
  • Passing an Address to Modify a Value in Memory
  • Using Functions in the Checkbook Program
  • C Standard Library Functions
  • Arrays, Pointers, and Strings
  • Arrays , Pointers , Strings
  • Using Arrays, Strings, and Pointers in the Checkbook Program
  • Structures
  • Structures
  • Arrays of Structures
  • Passing Structures to Functions
  • Nesting Structures
  • File Input/Output
  • Command-line Arguments
  • Combining Command-line
  • The following topics are covered in our C C++ Training in Chennai
  • C++ Training Syllabus
  • Introduction to C++
  • Creating a project
  • Writing, compiling and running a program
  • Variables and data types
  • Expressions
  • Constants
  • Operators
  • Type conversions
  • Looping constructs: while, do…while, for loops
  • If…else statements
  • Switch/case construct
  • Functions
  • Passing arguments
  • Function prototyping
  • Default argument initializers
  • Inline functions
  • Arrays
  • Array initialisation
  • Multi-dimensional arrays
  • Character arrays
  • Working with character strings
  • Storage Classes
  • Global variables
  • Pointers
  • Pointer and arrays
  • Pointers to character strings
  • Arrays of pointers
  • Memory slicing
  • Pointers to functions
  • C++ classes
  • Data members and member functions
  • Creating objects
  • The new and delete operators
  • Friends to a class
  • Class initialisation
  • Reference types
  • Reference type arguments
  • Function overloading
  • Operator overloading
  • Copy constructor
  • Assignment operator
  • Template classes
  • Static class members
  • File streams
  • Inheritance
  • Base classes and derived classes
  • Inherited member access
  • Base class initialisation
  • Protected members of a class
  • Virtual functions
  • Virtual destructors
  • Virtual base classes
  • Virtual base class member access
  • Constructor and destructor ordering
  • Exception handling
  • try…throw…catch block
  • Nested catch handlers

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