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CATIA otherwise called Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application and it is programming suit that created by the French organization call Dassult Systemes. Organization, for example, Siemens NX, Creo Elements/Pro and Autodesk Inventor is contender of CATIA. The cost of CATIA V5 is about $1,500 per annual situate license. CATIA is coordinated with Dassault Systems Product Lifecycle Administration (PLM)solutions. Every Version of CATIA brings noteworthy extra usefulness.

CATIA is a procedure driven PC helped plan/PC helped producing/PC aided engineering framework that completely utilizes people to come question innovations and leading edge industry measures.  It enables the clients to reproduce their mechanical plan forms from beginning idea to productdesign, investigation, get together and furthermore upkeep.

In this product, it incorporates mechanical, and shapedesign, styling, item blend, gear and frameworks designing, NC producing, examination andsimulation, and mechanical plant outline. Amongst V4 and V5, the basics to the outline process were created and amongst V5 and V6 the treatment of information changed.

It is an extremely easy to understand programming in light of the fact that CATIA Knowledgewareallows wide groups of client to effortlessly catch and offer know-how, rules, and other intellectualproperty assets. Inside every rendition, Dassault Systemes moreover offer updates as discharges.


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The capable savvy demonstrating and transforming ideas in CATIA empower the catch and reuse of process specifications and insight. Furthermore, the outcome is scaleable, web-empowered framework that spreads alluser necessities inside the computerized expanded venture, from the least difficult outline to the most complex processes. This ability enables client to enhance the entire item improvement process while controlling change spread. Besides, CATIA moves past customary parametric or variational approaches, support up the plan procedure and making a difference originators, designers and fabricates to increasethe speed and productivity.The use of CATIA is altogether in light of cross breed demonstrating innovation. The applications give expanded digital item definitions, process definitions, and audit capacities fit for working on projects with any level of outline multifaceted nature.

CATIA additionally got deliver space particular applications that have addressed worldwide advanced venture prerequisites that traverse the territories of ridicule up, fabricating, plant,and activities. Additionally, CATIA grows versatility crosswise over procedures, capacities, and stages to deliver the suitable answer for work area of every client in item improvement chain. Custom fitted arrangements needs by expansive scope of clients, from a little provider shop to a huge multinational corporation.As further proceed onward, CATIA is utilized by creators, producing offices, constructing agents, architects,industrial designers and the sky is the limit from there. CATIA assumes an imperative part in configuration process and is being utilized by automotive and aviation businesses for vehicle and flying machine outline and its tooling plan. Most commonly, CATIA clients incorporate Aerospace, Appliances, Architecture, Automotive, Constructions,Consumer Goods, Electronics, Medical, Furniture, Machinery, Mold and Die, and Shipbuilding industries.One of the enormous associations which is utilizing CATIA is NASA. They utilized CATIA on their different Space Equipments outline and furthermore Space Transport. The military, working with private industry utilizes CATIA for fly warrior flying machine, plane carrying warships, helicopters, tanks and different types of weaponry.

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Course Objective

  • Introduction of CATIA
  • Workbenches
  • Toolbars
  • Specification Tree
  • Compass
  • Mouse Usage
  • File Operations
  • Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-I
  • Invoking the Sketcher Workbench
  • Units, Grid Settings
  • Construction and Standard elements
  • Drawing Sketch objects I
  • Inferred Constraints
  • Exiting the Sketcher Workbench
  • View Manipulation
  • Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-II
  • Drawing Sketch Objects II
  • Modifying sketch Objects
  • Sketch Transformations
  • Constraining Sketches and Creating Base Features
  • Constraining Sketches
  • Geometric Constraints
  • Dimensional Constraints
  • Sketch Analysis
  • Creating an Extruded Solid Using the Pad Feature
  • Creating a Revolved Solid Using the Shaft Feature
  • Assigning a Material to the Model
  • Reference Elements and Sketch-Based Features
  • Reference Elements
  • Drafted Filleted Pad Features
  • Multi-Pad Features
  • Pocket Features
  • Drafted Filleted Pocket
  • Multi-Pocket Features
  • Groove
  • Extruding and Revolving Faces
  • Creating Dress-Up and Hole Features
  • Hole features
  • Chamfer
  • Fillets
  • Draft
  • Shell
  • Editing Features
  • Editing Features
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Deleting Features
  • Deactivating Features
  • Defining the Work Object
  • Reordering Features
  • Transformation Features and Advanced Modeling Tools-I
  • Translating and Rotating Bodies
  • Symmetry and Mirror Features
  • Patterns
  • Scale
  • Parts with Multiple Bodies
  • Boolean Operations
  • Stiffener Features
  • Advanced Modeling Tools-II
  • Rib
  • Slot
  • Multi-section Solids
  • Power copy
  • Wireframe and Surface Design
  • Surfacing Workbenches
  • Wireframe geometry
  • Extruded Surfaces
  • Revolved Surfaces
  • Offset Surfaces

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