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One finish occurrence. The Citrix NetScaler SDX apparatus is a multitenant stage on which you can arrangement and deal with numerous virtual NetScaler machines (occasions). The SDX apparatus addresses cloud distributed computing and multitenancy prerequisites by enabling a solitary director to arrange and deal with the machine and delegate the organization of each facilitated occurrence to inhabitants. The SDX apparatus empowers the machine director to give each inhabitant the accompanying benefits.

Each occurrence has the accompanying privileges:1. Committed CPU and memory assets 2. A different space for elements 3. The independence to run their preferred discharge and work 4. Lifecycle independence. A totally segregated system.

Activity implied for a specific example is sent just to that occasion. The Citrix NetScaler SDX machine gives a Management Service that is pre-provisioned on the apparatus. The Management Service gives a UI and an API to design, oversee, and screen the machine, the Management Service, and the occurrences.

A Citrix self-marked testament is prepackaged for HTTPS bolster. Citrix suggests that you utilize the HTTPS mode to get to the Management Service UI. Throughout the years, the Citrix XenServer has been named as the most grounded and fastest virtualization programming accessible in the business.


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It’s a total, oversaw server virtualization stage that has been in the business since 2009. Moreover, more than 50,000 clients have introduced the XenServer and these clients could bear witness to that, the XenServer is genuinely a capable device that could run a huge number of VMs. Beside that, it has additionally demonstrated that it could deal with any sort of server workload and it’s particularly intended for Windows and Linux virtual servers, that expects to convey a moderate business progression arrangement, and also financially savvy union. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you’ve never virtualized any servers; you’re intending to grow your server virtualization impression; or you’re simply going to move server workloads to cloud, rest guaranteed that XenServer would enable you to do only that. Here are fundamental points of interest of Citrix XenServer.

For IT overseers, settling on any product to use in a server farm, ought to be done in a convenient way. They should have the capacity to install the software and make them keep running at the earliest opportunity with a specific end goal to play out a fruitful activity. The Citrix XenServer is particularly intended for that. It has a virtual machine that keeps running in as meager as ten minutes, and this could be exceptionally useful for most IT directors. Besides, with the XenServer, there’s no compelling reason to design a convoluted administration foundation nor think of a devoted stockpiling system. Rather, you should simply just introduce the XenServer and you could start virtualizing your workloads without squandering whenever. The benefits of Session Virtualization/Hosted Shared Desktops is you can midway deal with the Operating System and Applications and rapidly send applications to a large number of clients without having to “touch” every customer gadget. You introduce the Citrix customer programming once and after that you can send basically any application to any machine without having to ever visit them again. Since all the preparing is done on the XenApp servers you can send applications that would possibly not keep running on more established work areas. On the off chance that you are thinking about thin customers you can conceivably run the majority of your clients on XenApp and dispose of the support costs related with PC Operating Systems and equipment. Citrix spilled applications execute locally on the objective Operating System inside a sandbox (segregation condition). This implies the applications can’t meddle with or break different applications on the objective Operating System. Spilled applications can be run disconnected on PCs for up to 365 days.Streamed applications can be refreshed and fixed midway and will be pulled down to the objective Operating System whenever a client ask for it.

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Course Objectives

  • Define XenDesktop 7.5 Architecture
  • Define XenDesktop Architecture
  • Explain XenDesktop Desktop Virtualization Technologies
  • Explain Infrastructure Components
  • Explain Citrix Components
  • Designing a XenDesktop Implementation
  • Explain Design Document
  • Describe about Hypervisor
  • Describe about the Hypervisor
  • Installing the Hypervisor
  • Installing the Hypervisor Management Console
  • Define Configuring the Hypervisor
  • Creating Templates
  • Reinforcement Exercise – Creating a Windows 7 Template
  • Describe about Infrastructure Components
  • Describe about the Infrastructure Components
  • Describe about the Domain Controller
  • Describe about the Dynamic Host Con guration Protocol
  • Describe about a Certi cate Authority
  • Describe about the File Server
  • Describe about SQL Server 2012
  • Reinforcement Exercise – Identify Components
  • Describe about Citrix Components
  • Describe about Citrix Components Architecture
  • Installing the License Server
  • Describe aboutSetting Up the Delivery Controller
  • Installing a Second Controller
  • Describe about the Citrix Universal Printer
  • Describe about StoreFront
  • Describe about NetScaler
  • Describe about Receiver
  • Reinforcement Exercise – Scanning an Endpoint for a File
  • Setting Up XenDesktop 7.5 Resources
  • Con guring XenDesktop Resources
  • Setting Up Resources
  • Preparing the Master Virtual Machine
  • Setting Up a Windows Server Master Image
  • Setting Up a Windows Desktop Master Image
  • Creating a Machine Catalog
  • Creating a Delivery Group
  • Setting Up Citrix Pro le Management
  • Reinforcement Exercise – Creating Delivery Groups
  • Setting Up Policies
  • Setting Up Policies
  • Installing the Group Policy Management Role » Con guring Printing Policies
  • Con guring Remote Assistance
  • Con guring the End User Experience
  • Mapping Network Drives
  • Con guring USB Drive Mapping
  • Prioritizing the Policies
  • Changing the Priority of the Policy
  • Testing the Resultant Set of Policy
  • Troubleshooting Issues with Policies
  • Con guring Provisioning Services
  • Confi guring Provisioning Services
  • Provisioning Services Architecture
  • Adding a Second Provisioning Services Server
  • Installing Provisioning Services and Joining the Farm
  • Con guring the vDisk
  • Installing the Virtual Delivery Agent
  • Assigning the vDisk to a Target Device
  • Creating the Machine Catalog
  • Creating the Delivery Group

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