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Cognos TM1 is an OLAP apparatus with at least one effective TM1 information servers running remotely or on a solitary server. TM1 information servers give access to shared information in an association. These information servers are controlled by at least one administrator servers. Clients can deal with shared information and protests over the association through natural customer interfaces, which connect and send solicitations to administrator servers. Workspace is alluring on a few levels.

Clients can be offered access to customer interfaces and apparatuses in TM1 relying upon the part they play in the association. Some may be keen on characterizing business rationale, while others may accept a part to demonstrate multi-dimensional 3D squares by characterizing measurements and certainties.

Administrator parts additionally should be unmistakably characterized to perform housekeeping exercises, for example, characterizing clients, security arrangements, reinforcement and recuperation. Administrator servers at that point pass on the demand to one of the TM1 information servers.The information server at that point gives access to the mutual items to the customers.

Patrons are end clients who need to fill in business-particular information in officially outlined layouts and assume a part in conclusive examination and union.


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TM1 depends on client server design and distinctive parts that connect with each other in a consistent way to accomplish the coveted usefulness. These 3D shapes thusly take their dimensional structure from multi-dimensional models, made by the modeler. Information is nourished to these 3D shapes from one of the backend information sources through inbuilt turbo integrator forms. Kindly note that these ETL procedures can be altered according to the client prerequisites. Turbo integrator procedures can be composed to get information from an assortment of information sources including SAP, OLAP, social (utilizing SQL questions), and continuous frameworks. Import from content and Excel documents is likewise conceivable. In this manner, backend information sources can be of any sort and turbo integrator handles all the database-particular complexities.

The primary enormous motivation to overhaul can be found in Workspace, the UI that is the new face of the Cognos TM1/IBM Planning Analytics arrangement. Workspace is alluring on a few levels. The interface is an exceptionally visual, freestyle plan with more than 25 diagrams, scorecards, pictures, shapes, content, and recordings. Fast looking and Snap Commands give it a characteristic dialect like feel. In addition, Workspace is information rich. You can consolidate information from any solid shape from any Cognos TM1 database into a solitary view, utilizing another watcher, websheets, outlines, or cell gadgets. There’s no time-squandering information transformation process by any means. Workspace facilitates three types of information selectors– tile, list and slider– so you can instinctively channel your information rich “Books,” utilizing catches that enable them to explore crosswise over substance, conveying setting with them as suitable. Clients don’t need to stress over divergent numerous information sources. Information can be adjusted through customer interfaces and exchanged to 3D squares. Subsequently, changed information in 3D squares would then be able to be.

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Course Objective

  • TM1 Components
  • Tm1 architect
  • Tm1 perspectives
  • Tm1 turbo integrator
  • Tm1 Cube Viewer
  • Tm1 Subset Editor
  • How to Create New TM1 server and configure Server
  • How to Setup a TM1 Server to run as windows services
  • Create Elements
  • Types of Elements
  • Simple
  • String
  • Consolidated
  • Creation of elements
  • Editing Elements
  • Adding alias attributes to elements
  • Using alias attribute in Cube viewer
  • Creation of Dimension
  • Creation of dimension manually
  • Creation of dimension using TI process
  • Creation of dimension using Dimension worksheet
  • Creating dimension using CSV as Data source
  • Creating dimension using Database as Data source
  • Creating dimension using subset as data source
  • creating more then one dimension from one data source
  • creating Alias attributes using Alias process
  • adding alias attribute for existing dimension using TI process
  • Creation of Cube manually
  • Creating of Cube using TI process
  • Loading data into Cube
  • Updating data in Cube
  • Creation of Subset
  • Creation Of Subset
  • How to create public subset
  • How to create private subset
  • How to create default subset
  • How to create dynamic subset
  • Use Subset in Cube
  • Creation of Cube View
  • Private View
  • Public View
  • Default View
  • Creation Of filter
  • Filter by Level
  • Filter by Wildcard
  • Filter by attribute
  • Data Filter Creation
  • Working with Sandboxes
  • Creation of sandboxes
  • Deleting sandboxes
  • Commit Sandboxes
  • Reset data
  • Work with Spreadsheets
  • Creation of Slice
  • Creation of snapshot
  • Creation of Active from
  • Active from vs snapshot
  • snapshot vs slice
  • Working with Worksheet Slice and active form
  • Worksheet Functions
  • DBR
  • DBRW
  • VIEW
  • Create Slice report Using Function
  • Drill Through
  • Drill through to cube view
  • Drill through to Data Source(using ODBC
  • Adding Business Rules
  • Writing business Rules
  • Controlling calculations
  • Adding business logic to rules
  • Data Spreading and hold values
  • Replicate Cubes: Overview
  • Replicate Cubes: Advantages
  • Remove Replications

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