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A relational database is a database in which the greater part of the information is intelligently contained in tables. These databases are composed by the relational model. In a relational database, referential trustworthiness guarantees data integrity by upholding rules with referential limitations, check imperatives, and triggers. You can depend on imperatives and triggers to guarantee the uprightness and legitimacy of your information, as opposed to depending on singular applications to do that work.

DB2 is programming that you can use to oversee social databases. IBM® offers a group of DB2 items that keep running on a range of working frameworks, including Linux, UNIX, Windows, IBM I, VSE, VM, and z/OS. z/OS is the fundamental working framework for IBM’s most powerful equipment stage, IBM Z.

DB2 for z/OS is the endeavor information server for IBM Z. It oversees center business information over an endeavor and backings key business applications. DB2 for z/OS bolsters a large number of clients and a great many clients. It remains consistently accessible, adaptable, and exceedingly secure.

With DB2 for z/OS and other DB2 family items, you can characterize and control your information by utilizing organized inquiry dialect (SQL). SQL is the standard dialect for getting to information in social databases.


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Numerous structures and procedures are related with a relational database. The structures are the key segments of a Db2 database framework, and the procedures are the cooperations that happen when applications get to the database framework. In a relational database, information is seen to exist in at least one tables. Each table contains a particular number of sections and various unordered lines. Every segment in a table is connected somehow to alternate segments. Thinking about the information as a accumulation of tables gives you a simple method to picture the information that is put away in a Db2 database. Tables are at the center of a Db2 database. In any case, a Db2 database includes something other than an accumulation of tables; a Db2 database additionally includes different articles, for example, sees and records, and bigger information compartments, for example, table spaces. With Db2 for z/OS® and the other Db2 items, you can characterize and control your information by utilizing organized inquiry dialect (SQL). SQL is the standard dialect for getting to information in relational databases.

Simpana’s DB2 iDataAgent gives an improved, end-to-end backup and recovery solution for DB2 information in your undertaking. It furnishes more noteworthy control over your data with the ability to perform granular reinforcement and recuperation of a particular or different tablespaces, or filed logs of your database. The DB2 iDataAgent additionally gives strange reestablish operations of your database or the diverted reestablishes of tablespaces. You can make different Simpana occurrences on various servers. You can utilize one case for creation and the other example for testing. This is a various occasion (multi example) arrangement.

Hye Infotech provides the best training on DB2 DBA Training in chennai. We arrange classes based on student feasible timings, to take online or classroom trainings in chennai. We are the Best DB2 DBA Training Institute in Chennai as far as DB2 DBA syllabus is concerned.

Course Objective

  • Introduction to DB2
  • What is database and its basic types
  • Database models
  • Hierarchical
  • Network
  • Object Oriented
  • Discuss about storage group and volumes table spaces
  • Index spaces
  • Basic Information About
  • Table
  • Row
  • Column
  • Queries
  • View
  • Trigger
  • Synonyms
  • Alias
  • Discuss Physical Storage of DB2
  • DB2 objects
  • Buffer pools
  • Features of Database design and its types
  • Discuss the advantages of DB2 over VSAM
  • Discuss the features of data integrity and referential integrity
  • Interaction with DB2
  • Interaction with DB2 using TSO with SPUFI tool and QMF tool
  • Introduction to SQL for interacting with DB2
  • Introduction to COBOL-DB2 application program
  • Using run JCL we can pass the queries
  • With execute immediate
  • Using prepare and execute technique
  • Using dynamic SQL for running the queries
  • Discussing the compilation of COBOL-DB2 program
  • Facility of Error handling in DB2
  • Using DSNTIAR procedure approach
  • Using SQL codes
  • Discussing commit and rollback features
  • Introduction to CURSOR concept
  • Handling Null values in DB2
  • Locks facility
  • Error Handling
  • Error Handling – Introduction
  • Rollback
  • DB2 Utilities
  • Data Consistency Utilities
  • CHECK Utility
  • REPAIR Utility
  • REPORT Utility
  • DIAGNOSE Utility
  • Backup and Recovery Utilities
  • COPY Utility
  • MERGECOPY Utility
  • QUIESCE Utility
  • RECOVER Utility
  • REBUILD Utility
  • Data Organization Utilities
  • LOAD Utility
  • REORG Utility
  • Catalog Manipulation Utilities
  • CATMAINT Utility
  • MODIFY Utility
  • RUNSTATS Utility
  • STOSPACE Utility
  • Miscellaneous
  • DB2 Commands
  • Dynamic SQL – Introduction
  • Dynamic SQL – Types
  • When to use Dynamic SQL
  • Execute Immediate SQL
  • Non-select dynamic SQL
  • Parameter marker
  • Fixed-list select
  • Varying-list select SQL
  • Stored Procedure
  • Stored Procedure – Development
  • Creating Stored Procedures
  • Managing Stored Procedures
  • Executing a Stored Procedures

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