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An inserted framework is a mix of PC equipment and programming—and maybe extra parts, either mechanical or electronic—intended to play out a devoted capacity. A decent case is the microwave stove. Relatively every family unit has one, and countless them are utilized each day, yet not very many individuals understand that a PC processor and programming are associated with the arrangement of their lunch or supper. The plan of an implanted framework to play out a devoted capacity is in guide difference to that of the PC.

Numerous individuals utilize the term general- reason PC to make this refinement clear. As transported, a universally useful PC is a clear slate; the producer does not comprehend what the client will do with it.

One client may utilize it for a system document server, another may utilize it solely for playing amusements, and a third may utilize it to compose the following awesome American novel. Much of the time, an implanted framework is a part inside some bigger framework. For instance, present day autos and trucks contain numerous inserted frameworks.

One inserted framework controls the automated stopping devices, another screens and controls the vehicle’s discharges, and a third shows data on the dashboard. Some extravagance auto producers have even touted the quantity of processors in promotions. By and large, car installed frameworks are associated by a correspondences arrange.


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The presence of the processor and programming in an implanted framework might be unnoticed by a client of the gadget. Such is the situation for a microwave broiler, MP3 player, or wake up timer. Sometimes, it would even be conceivable to manufacture a practically comparable gadget that does not contain the processor and programming. This should be possible by supplanting the processor-programming blend with a custom coordinated circuit (IC) that plays out similar capacities in equipment. Be that as it may, the processor and programming mix commonly offers more adaptability than a hardwired outline. It is for the most part considerably less demanding, less expensive, and less power serious to utilize a processor furthermore, programming in an inserted framework.

Implanted arrangements are extremely appropriate to modern applications since they’re normally less demanding to seal against the components (what’s more, whatever else might be available), which can be enter in modern applications. Mechanical work environments can frequently be cruel conditions for any hardware, with the potential for destructive or harming chemicals, extensive volumes of clean, over the top warmth and dampness, every one of which could cause enormous issues for electrical gear or PCs presented to them. Inserted frameworks likewise ordinarily utilize significantly less power than work area frameworks which gives them a couple of more focal points in that they try not to require extensive power supplies and will create significantly less warmth, which thus diminishes the requirement for cooling.

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Course Objective

Embedded Basics

  • zWhat is an Embedded Systems?
  • What are the Embedded Applications and Functions?
  • What are the Embedded Design constraints?
  • What the components of Embedded Hardware and Software?
  • What the Building block of embedded project?
  • What are the Hardware and Software Embedded Tools?
  • What is Embedded C?
  • What is Microcontroller & Microprocessors?
  • What is RTS?
  • What is RTOS?
  • Sample Embedded Hardware Schematic Creation
  • Sample Embedded C program

8051/PIC /Beegle Bone Black8/16/32 Bit Controller

  • Introduction to ( 8/16/32) 8051 and Pic Micro Controller
  • Microchip’s PIC® microcontrollers and its MCU family
  • Introduction to Embedded C
  • Working with PIC 16F877A using Embedded C
  • MPLAB IDE with CCS and Hi-tech compiler suit
  • Serial programming and In circuit system programming(ICSP) with 16F877A
  • Working with system peripherals I/O, timers, PWM , ADC, CCP, UART,RTC and WDT of PIC 18F877A/Debugging with PICKIT 2
  • Interfacing LEDs, LCD, Matrix keypad, Multiplexed 7 segment display, Relay and Motor

Embedded Application Development

  • Working with Communication protocols SPI, I2C and CAN with PIC16F877A
  • Project development using PIC 16F877A/At89C51
  • Linux kernel
  • Introduction to the Linux kernel
  • Linux kernel sources
  • New features in Linux 2.6 (since 2.6.10)
  • Linux kernel command usage
  • Files and process subsystem in linux kernel
  • Memory management in linux kernel
  • Inter Process Communication
  • Interrupts
  • Time and Timers
  • Creating Libraries
  • Kernel Synchronization
  • Kernel Parameters
  • Kernel Configuration and Compilation
  • Conceptual understanding of Device Drivers

Advance C Programming

  • Storage class
  • Scope and Lifetime of a variable
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Pointers
  • Functions
  • Structure and Union
  • Recursive Functions
  • Pointer
  • Pointers and Arrays
  • Pointers and Functions
  • Pointers and Strings
  • Function Pointers
  • Command line arguments
  • File Operations
  • Complicated Declarations
  • Linked List
  • Sorting and Searching
  • Stack and Queue
  • Embedded Linux system development
  • Introduction to embedded Linux
  • Basic requirements for Embedded Linux Product Development Cross-compiling toolchains
  • Building Development Environment
  • Target & Host Setup
  • Setting Up Networking Services
  • Bootloader commands and usage
  • Loading RootFS in Platfrom by various techniques
  • Building Your Own Embedded Linux Distribution
  • Kernel Configuration and Compilation
  • Building embedded Linux systems with Buildroot
  • Booting Linux
  • Porting embedded linux (ubuntu version) to Beegle Bone Black Processor
  • Device drivers
  • Introduction to Device driver
  • Kernel Module Programming Basics
  • Kernel Debugging Techniques
  • Accessing Hardware Mechanisms
  • The proc file system programming
  • Communicating with Hardware
  • Hardware and Interrupt Handling
  • Tasklets and Bottom halves
  • Kernel Threads
  • Sleep and wakeup (wait queues)
  • Buffer allocation
  • Memory Mapping and DMA
  • Memory Management
  • Concurrency and Race Conditions
  • Time, Delays and Deferred Work
  • The Linux Device Model
  • Character Device Drivers
  • Block Device Drivers
  • Serial device driver
  • Rtos
  • Introduction to Real Time systems
  • What is Hard and Soft Real time systems
  • Basic of RTS
  • Training on RTOS Concepts (task, semaphore, Multitasking)
  • Introduction to RTOS Tools (utron, Ucos, Nucleous, EFOS, Android, WINCE)
  • Sample exercise on RTOS programming
  • Embedded Latest technologies, Communication systems
  • Training on GPS, GPRS / 3G, Tracking devices
  • Training on Automotive Infotainment
  • Introduction on Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, Mira cast,
  • HDMI, Mirror link technologies
  • Introduction on Embedded Android Devices,Smartphone architectures

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