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Dear Freshers

Hope you all must have entered this new world of job industry which has full of surprises in the real world since you are just out of college. From my point of view even the freshers who joined in IT companies are more tensed and worried than enjoying the new job and new life. The reason being they are worried what if this job goes away from me.

Let me explain you what you mean by a IT job or IT work. Just imagine that you are a owner of a IT company. And more excitingly you bagged a project from US which requires 50 professionals to be executed in a year. Will you go and look for smart persons to execute the project within the stipulated time or will you consider for candidates comes before you with a recommendation letter or your known persons or person creating sympathy to get a job. Naturally you will hire only smart talented professionals.

Similarly there is no concept of assured placement in the IT industry. Particularly in the technical area. Because unless a person is technically skilled he or she cannot go and sit before the system to the complete their assigned task. Clerical work can be done by a 18 year old person and even the same work can be done by a 70 year old person. But technical work has a lot of difference. Hence my suggesion is, it is not possible in the IT industry to give assured placement. Hence never get cheated by any one for assured job as commitment.

I have seen lot of 2 page fresher resumes which has year of passing with couple of final semester project mostly Hospital management system or Insurance or a kind of similar 10 projects available in the open market. Most of the degrees holders put  one of these project and keep forwarding the same to all the companies from the job portal. With in a short spam of 2 or 3 months when no calls from any companies immediately join a call centre or BPO or a mechanical routine kind of job with a very less salary and feel depressed. Few get into marketing, few into sales. This is not the strategy to get proceed towards an IT career.

Learn the latest technology which is hot in the market by the real industry professionals. Do a independent project on your own and focus it on the resume that you are aware of these niche skills. The chances are very high to get shortlisted provided all other criteria towards your respective job is fulfilled and enjoy the technology with professional career growth.