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HBase is known as the Hadoop database since it is a NoSQL database that keeps running over Hadoop. It joins the adaptability of Hadoop by running on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), with continuous information access as a key/esteem store and profound systematic abilities of Map Reduce. This article presents HBase and depicts how it composes and oversees information and afterward shows how to set up a nearby HBase condition and cooperate with information utilizing the HBase shell.

HBase is a NoSQL database. It depends on Google’s Bigtable disseminated stockpiling framework – as it is depicted in Google inquire about paper. A Bigtable is an inadequate, disseminated, persevering multi-dimensional arranged guide. The guide is recorded by a line key, section key, and a timestamp; each incentive in the guide is a uninterpreted exhibit of bytes. Our case in this post will utilize HBase as information sink.

If you need to have a point by point clarification what each word implies in this terrifying definition, I propose to look at this post. HBase underpins scaling far past customary RDBMS capacities, it bolsters programmed sharding and gigantic parallel preparing abilities by means of Mapreduce.

HBase is based over HDFS and gives quick queries to vast records. HBase can be utilized as information source and additionally information sink for Mapreduce occupations.


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Apache HBase is a NoSQL database that keeps running over Hadoop as a conveyed and adaptable enormous information store. This implies HBase can use the conveyed preparing worldview of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and advantage from Hadoop’s MapReduce programming model. It is intended to have huge tables with billions of lines with conceivably a great many sections and keep running over a group of ware equipment. In any case, past its Hadoop roots, HBase is an intense database in its possess right that mixes continuous question abilities with the speed of a key/esteem store and disconnected or group handling by means of MapReduce. To put it plainly, HBase enables you to inquiry for singular records and additionally infer total systematic reports over a huge measure of information.

HBase Can store extensive informational indexes over HDFS document stockpiling and will total and break down billions of lines exhibit in the HBase tables In HBase, the database can be shared Operations, for example, information perusing and handling will take little measure of time when contrasted with customary social models Random read and compose operations For online logical operations, HBase is utilized broadly. For instance: In keeping money applications, for example, constant information refreshes in ATM machines, HBase can be utilized.

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Course Objective

  • Introduction
  • About this Course
  • About Cloudera
  • Course Logistics
  • Introductions
  • Introduction to Hadoop
  • What Is Big Data?
  • Introducing Hadoop
  • Hadoop Components
  • Introduction to HBase
  • What Is HBase?
  • Why Use HBase?
  • HBase and RDBMS
  • The Give and Take of HBase
  • HBase Concepts
  • Working with HBase
  • The HBase Administration API
  • HBase Shell
  • Creating Tables
  • HBase Java API
  • Administration Calls
  • Accessing Data with the HBase API, Part 1
  • API Usage
  • Getting Data from the Shell, Java API, and Thrift API
  • Adding and Updating Data in the Shell
  • Driving Data from the Shell, Java API, and Thrift API
  • Accessing Data with the HBase API, Part 2
  • Adding and Updating Data with the API
  • The Scan API
  • Advanced API
  • Working with Eclipse

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