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jQuery is a quick, lightweight, and highlight rich JavaScript library that depends on the priciple “compose less, accomplish more”. It’s anything but difficult to-utilize APIs influences the things to like HTML report traversal and control, occasion dealing with, including movement impacts to a page considerably less complex that works flawlessly over all the real programs. jQuery likewise gives you the capacity to make an Ajax based application in a fast and basic way.

jQuery gives a few strategies to AJAX usefulness. With the jQuery AJAX strategies, you can ask for content, HTML, XML, or JSON from a remote server utilizing both HTTP Get and HTTP Post – And you can stack the outer information specifically into the chosen HTML components of your page.

jQuery works by utilizing capacities, a library, written in JavaScript. You can utilize these capacities to compose effective things without really writing much code. jQuery is extremely lightweight and effective so you don’t need to stress over it backing off the client encounter.

Referencing jQuery is amazingly simple and there are different approaches to do it. Keep in mind that you can reference JavaScript from anyplace. You could even take the JavaScript that I am composing for this site and utilize it. The principal way utilizes this standard.


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The principal way utilizes this standard. Google has a jQuery library accessible for all engineers to utilize. jQuery influences utilizing a Web to page’s DOM (record question show), adding impacts to the page, invigorating components, and executing Ajax calls to the server to a great degree basic, concealing the multifaceted nature of the hidden JavaScript. There are various advantages to utilizing jQuery as opposed to composing your own crude JavaScript or building your own particular library. jQuery is lean and mean. It would be ideal if you pardon the prosaism, yet it is an able method to depict the library. The limited size of form 1.5 of the library is a negligible 83KB, just 29KB when gzip’d. That is presumably littler than a solitary photograph on numerous Sites, and the program just needs to download and reserve it once for use over every one of your pages.

In the event that you utilize a substance conveyance organize (CDN), the client’s program can reserve it crosswise over numerous Web destinations as opposed to download it for each. jQuery packs a great deal into a little size. jQuery is exceedingly extensible. As specified before, the center jQuery library is kept tight and centered, keeping out trivial highlights. It additionally gives a module structure that makes it simple to expand jQuery, and there are both authority jQuery modules and additionally thousands from outsiders. Along these lines your page needs to download just the particular arrangement of highlights it needs. Whenever you require a component excluded in the center jQuery library, there is a decent possibility that somebody has effectively composed a module that does what you require. jQuery bolsters building pages utilizing subtle JavaScript, a way to deal with utilizing JavaScript in Web pages. In addition to other things, unpretentious JavaScript is worried about the partition of usefulness between a Web page’s structure/substance and introduction. This keeps chunks of code out of HTML components on the page, for example, with occasion traits, for example, onclick. Rather, you wire up occasion code in a content square, keeping the conduct actualized in code isolate from the structure of the page.

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Course Objective

  • The Background
  • The mobile space today
  • Advantages
  • Challenges
  • Native vs. web, is really a question?
  • What is JQM?
  • What is not jQM?
  • What is a webapp?
  • Why jQM?
  • Features
  • Compatibility
  • Requirements
  • HTML5 basics
  • HTML5 in a small nutshell
  • Why HTML5?
  • What do we need to know about HTML5 for jQM
  • Basic template
  • Testing HTML5 documents
  • Emulators, Simulators & more
  • Viewports on mobile browsers
  • Custom data-* attributes
  • The framework
  • Architecture
  • Self hosted vs. CDNs
  • Main template
  • CDNs available
  • Main template
  • Support on IDEs
  • Roles
  • Theming
  • The page
  • Headers and footers basics
  • Mandatory items in a page
  • Working with HTML in the content
  • Navigation
  • Internal page navigation
  • External page navigation
  • Understanding AJAX on mobile browsers
  • Absolute external links
  • Mobile Special links
  • Transitions
  • Dialogs
  • Prefetching
  • Integration with the Phone
  • UI Components
  • Customizing toolbars
  • Positioning toolbars
  • Navigation Bars
  • Persistent footers and navigation
  • Collapsible content
  • Acoordions
  • Working with columns
  • Buttons
  • Creating buttons
  • Inline buttons
  • Grouped buttons
  • Icons
  • Custom icons
  • Lists
  • Interactive rows
  • Split button rows
  • Row icons
  • Thumbnails
  • Count bubbles
  • Aside content
  • Title and Description
  • Filtering data
  • Forms
  • AJAX vs. non-AJAX forms
  • Automatic form behaviour
  • Labeling
  • Field containers
  • Text fields
  • Slider
  • Slider switch
  • Select menus
  • UI Select menus
  • Radio Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • File Upload
  • Validation using HTML5
  • The framework and JavaScript
  • Using jQuery inside jQuery Mobile
  • $.mobile element
  • The mobileinit event
  • Configuring defaults
  • Touch events
  • Orientation events
  • Scroll events
  • Page events
  • Virtual mouse events
  • Managing navigation through JavaScript
  • Dynamic data with jQuery Mobile
  • HTML5 vs AJAX
  • Bringing JSON data to jQuery Mobile
  • Updating form controls
  • Updating lists
  • Implementing Infinite list pattern
  • Extending the framework
  • Using plugins
  • The top 5 plugins for jQuery Mobile
  • Creating our own plugin
  • Plugin architecture
  • Understanding CSS architecture
  • Define our own CSS patch
  • Changing CSS behavior
  • Managing data with HTML5
  • Using Web Storage and WebSQL
  • Using geolocation
  • Packaging for installation and stores
  • The offline manifest
  • Full-screen webapps for iOS
  • What is a hybrid
  • PhoneGap vs other alternatives
  • Packaging a sample application
  • Creating lists
  • Full-page vs inset-lists
  • Visual separators
  • Nested lists

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