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KALIDO MDM is an answer for making and working an ace information distribution center. It influences and incorporates with the one of a kind versatile endeavor information stockroom capacities of the KALIDO application suite and separates itself from different arrangements by: Incorporating business clients into the ace information administration process. Looking after notable, present and arranged ace information sees.

Giving robotized and community oriented ace information displaying, information passage, approval, mapping, blending and other administration capacities. Empowering representatives to peruse ace information by means of corporate gateways for better business straightforwardness.

Quickly sending expert information crosswise over KALIDO information distribution centers and quickening expert information administration by bringing in existing expert information and models from KALIDO endeavor information distribution centers.

Understanding KALIDO MDM requires learning of how it sorts out ace information. Ace information “Subjects, (for example, Products and Clients) are put away by KALIDO MDM alongside their related “Records” and can be formed utilizing “Settings. Master information sorts, structures and administration work processes are characterized by “Classifications” and “Formats.


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A Record is an arrangement of data about a Subject. It can contain fields of literary information, different credits or references to different Subjects. Record structures might be basic and level or lavishly settled with interrelated subcomponents (e.g. XML style structures.) Records can be formed, so there might be various Records holding diverse data about a similar Subject. Various adaptations of a Record can exist all the while (holding diverse parts of data), or successively after some time (to reflect changes that have struck true Subjects, for example, a man moving to various offices all through the year.).KALIDO MDM perceives that in working up the data for Subjects, there will be times when, as work-in-advance, information might be invalid somehow. There might be compulsory fields missing, a greater number of qualities exhibit than permitted, references to invalid Subjects, and so forth. Fields may likewise be available that are not characterized in the Template by any stretch of the imagination.

KALIDO MDM naturally signals invalid information so business clients can rapidly spot and address issues. KALIDO MDM can bolster different, renditions of a specific arrangement of Subjects. At any one time, the client works inside a Context that speaks to a specific variant of the information. Settings can likewise be used to hold subsets of information that is important to particular client gatherings (e.g. Marking Classifications may just hold any importance with Advertising). Subjects and Records can be duplicated between Contexts (e.g., to make another form in view of a past one). Clients can “Distribute” Contexts (see segment 3.4.4), in this manner approving the utilization of the information in information stockrooms and different applications and solidifying them from extra changes. Fields in KALIDO can be characterized as timevariant. This implies various esteems are permitted through time, regardless of whether the cardinality permits just 1 at once. Approval guarantees that if various esteems are provided, at that point they should not cover their dates or have holes between dates (contingent upon the cardinality).

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Course Objective

  • The Master Data Management Dilemma
  • Overview
  • What is master data and why is it valuable?
  • Master data management challenges and needs
  • Creating a Master Data Warehouse with KALIDO
  • What is a Master Data Warehouse?
  • KALIDO MDM Architecture
  • The types of data held within KALIDO MDM
  • Managing Master Data with KALIDO MDM
  • KALIDO MDM Users
  • The Consumer – Browsing & Searching Master Data
  • Searching
  • Providers – Acquire, Edit, Map, Merge
  • Editing Master Data
  • Mapping
  • Merging
  • Data Acquisition
  • Administrators—Model, Publish, Secure
  • Master Data Modeling
  • Defining Workflows
  • Security
  • Publishing and Distributing Master Data
  • Integrating KALIDO MDM with other systems
  • Integrating with KALIDO DIW
  • Integration with rd- party software
  • Summary
  • Real-world KALIDO MDM applications

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