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MapReduce is a programming model for preparing vast informational collections with a parallel , dispersed calculation on a bunch. Guide Reduce when combined with HDFS can be utilized to deal with huge information. The essentials of this HDFS-MapReduce framework, which is regularly alluded to as Hadoop was talked about in our past article. The essential unit of data, utilized as a part of MapReduce is a combine. A wide range of organized and unstructured information should be meant this essential unit.

As the name proposes, MapReduce demonstrate comprise of two isolate schedules, to be specific Map-capacity and Reduce-work. This article will enable you to comprehend the well ordered usefulness of Map-Reduce model.The calculation on an info in MapReduce display happens in three phases.

MapReduce logic, unlike other data frameworks, isn’t confined to simply organized datasets. It has a broad ability to handle unstructured information also. Guide arrange is the basic advance which makes this conceivable. Mapper brings a structure to unstructured information.

The mapper makes (key, esteem) sets from this informational index. For this situation, key will be the area and esteem will be the photo. After mapper is finished with its undertaking, we have a structure to the whole informational index.


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In the guide arrange, the mapper takes a solitary (key, esteem) match as info and delivers any number of (key, esteem) combines as yield . It is vital to think about the guide activity as stateless, that is, its rationale works on a solitary match at any given moment (regardless of whether in rehearse a few info sets are conveyed to a similar mapper). To outline, for the guide stage, the client basically plans a guide work that maps an info (key, esteem) match to any number (even none) of yield sets. More often than not, the guide stage is just used to indicate the coveted area of the information esteem by changing its key. Hadoop is a stage that is highly adaptable. This is to a great extent a result of its capacity to store and disperse expansive information sets crosswise over a lot of servers. These servers can be economical and can work in parallel. What’s more, with every expansion of servers one includes all the more handling power.

In spite of the customary social database administration frameworks (RDMS) that can’t scale all together to process tremendous measures of information, Hadoop MapReduce programming empowers business associations to run applications from an immense number of hubs that could include the utilization of thousands of terabytes of information. Business associations can make utilization of Hadoop MapReduce programming to approach different new wellsprings of information and furthermore work on various kinds of information, regardless of whether they are organized or unstructured. This enables them to produce an incentive from all of the information that can be gotten to by them. Along such lines, Hadoop offers bolster for various dialects that can be utilized for information preparing and capacity. Regardless of whether the information source is online networking, email, or clickstream, MapReduce can take a shot at all of them. Moreover, Hadoop MapReduce programming takes into account numerous applications, for example, proposal frameworks, preparing of logs, promoting investigation, warehousing of information and extortion identification.

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Course Objective

  • Introduction to MapReduce
  • MapReduce Design flow
  • MapReduce Program (Job) execution
  • Types of Input formats & Output Formats
  • MapReduce Datatypes
  • Performance tuning of MapReduce jobs
  • Counters techniques

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