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Microsoft Azure Training


Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s application stage for general public cloud. Azure is a worldwide cloud stage that is by and large accessible in numerous locales around the globe. When you arrangement an administration, application, or VM in Azure, you are requested to choose a district. The chose area speaks to a particular datacenter where your application runs. For more data, see Azure locales.

One of the advantages of utilizing Azure is that you can convey your applications into a assortment of datacenters around the world. The area you pick can influence the execution of your application. It’s ideal to pick a district that is nearer to most your clients, to decrease dormancy in organize demands.

You may likewise choose a locale to meet the lawful necessities for disseminating your application in specific nations. The Azure entrance is an web-based application that can be utilized to create, manage, and remove Azure assets and administrations.

The Azure entry is situated at https://portal.azure.com. It incorporates an adaptable dashboard and tooling for overseeing Azure assets. It additionally gives charging and membership data.


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Azure assets are individual register, organizing, information, or on the other hand application facilitating servicesthat have been conveyed into an Azure membership. Some normal assets are a virtual machines, stockpiling records, or SQL databases. Sky blue administrations regularly comprise of a few related Azure assets. For example, an Azure virtual machine may incorporate a VM, stockpiling account, arrange connector, and open IP address. These are singular assets. Every asset can be made, overseen, and erased exclusively or as a gathering. Purplish blue assets are shrouded in more detail later in this guide. An Azure asset amass is a compartment that holds related assets for an Azure arrangement. The asset gathering can incorporate every one of the assets for the arrangement, or just assets that you need to oversee as a gathering. Purplish blue asset bunches are shrouded in more detail later in this guide. An Sky blue Resource Manager format is a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) record that characterizes one or more assets to convey to an asset gathering. It likewise characterizes the conditions between conveyed assets. Asset Manager formats are shrouded in more detail later in this guide.

Azure PowerShell is an arrangement of modules that give cmdlets to oversee Azure. You can utilize the cmdlets to create, manage, and remove Azure services. Much of the time, you can utilize the cmdlets for similar undertakings that you perform in the Azure gateway. The cmdlets can enable you to can accomplish steady, repeatable, and hands-off arrangements. The Azure summon line interface is a device that you can use to make, oversee, and expel Azure assets from the charge line. The Azure CLI is accessible for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. A subscription is an intelligent gathering of Azure administrations that is connected to an Azure record. A single Azure record can contain numerous memberships. Charging for Azure administrations is done on a per- subscription basis. Azure subscriptions have a record head, who has full control over the membership, and an administration chairman, who has control over all administrations in the membership. Notwithstanding chairmen, singular records can be conceded point by point control of Azure assets through RBAC. Azure Resource Manager is a sending, administration, and association instrument for Azure assets. By utilizing Resource Manager, you can assemble numerous individual assets in a asset gathering. Asset Manager likewise incorporates arrangement abilities that take into account adaptable arrangement and design of related assets. For example, by utilizing Resource Director, you can send an application that comprises of various virtual machines, a heap balancer, and a SQL database as a solitary unit. You build up these arrangements by utilizing a Asset Manager layout.

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Course Objectives

  • Windows Azure Architecture
  • Windows Azure Features
  • Installing the SDK
  • Creating the Cloud Solution
  • Emulating the Cloud
  • Windows Azure Web and Worker Roles
  • Input and Internal Endpoints
  • Publishing Azure Solutions
  • Azure Management Portal
  • Configuring Management Certificate
  • Preparing to Publish
  • Publishing from Visual Studio
  • Windows Azure Websites
  • Azure Websites Vs CloudServices
  • Creating a Website from Gallery
  • Publishing ASP.NET website to Azure Website using FTP
  • Hosting Models
  • Publishing through GIT
  • Using WebMatrix
  • Windows Azure Powershell
  • Windows Azure ServiceBus
  • Azure Service Bus Introduction
  • Service Bus Relay Service
  • Brokered Messaging
  • Topics and Subscriptions
  • Windows Azure Administration
  • Windows Azure Storage and queues
  • Windows Azure Caching
  • Caching Introduction
  • Role Based and Shared Caching
  • ASP.NET Support for Caching
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Azure Access Control Service
  • Introduction to Identity and fundamentals of ACS
  • Integration with ASP.NET
  • Windows Azure ACS integration with ADFS
  • Windows Azure Media Services
  • Introduction to Media Services
  • Building Workflows for creation, management and distribution of media

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