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Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Get a course introduction, and hear a discussion on Microsoft Dynamics CRM fuctionality, deployment options, forms, fields, records and entities, the entity relationship model, and how to navigate in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft focused on enhancing the customer relationship for any organization. Out of the box, the product focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service sectors, though Microsoft has been marketing Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform.

In recent years, it has also grown as an Analytics platform driven by CRM.
The CRM Solution can be used to drive the sales productivity and marketing effectiveness for an organization, handle the complete customer support chain, and provide social insights, business intelligence, and a lot of other out-of-the-box functionalities and features.

As a product, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers full mobile support for using CRM apps on mobiles and tablets.As of writing this tutorial, the latest version of CRM is CRM 2016. However, in this tutorial we will be using CRM 2015 Online version as it is the latest stable version as well as frequently used in many organizations.

Nevertheless, even if you are using any other versions of CRM, all the concepts in the tutorial will still hold true. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful platform that allows growing and mid-market organizations to easily manage customer relationships and related data.


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It not only helps sales team to be more productive but also gain deeper insights into customer relationships across various business units. The sales automation, marketing modules, and customer service streamlines the way businesses communicate with potential prospects, customers, and team members. One of the biggest benefits of leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that its user interface is intuitive and ranks among the highest in user adoption. It integrates with the Microsoft Stack along with other tools and services which include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Server, Skype for Business, and Yammer. It further provides a flexible architecture which can be customized through a professional Microsoft Dynamics CRM development company to suit your specific business needs.Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a effective platform that permits growing and mid-market businesses to easily manage client relationships and related statistics. It no longer only enables income group to be greater effective but also advantage deeper insights into purchaser relationships across numerous business units. The sales automation, advertising modules, and customer service streamlines the way companies speak with capability possibilities, clients, and group members.

One of the largest benefits of leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that its person interface is intuitive and ranks the various highest in consumer adoption. It integrates with the Microsoft Stack at the side of other equipment and offerings which encompass Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Server, Skype for Business, and Yammer. It further offers a flexible structure which may be custom designed through a expert Microsoft Dynamics CRM development employer to suit your particular business needs.

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Course Objectives

  • Overview
  • Advantages Closed Loop Marketing
  • Creating and Using Marketing Lists
  • Overview Marketing Campaigns and Quick Campaigns
  • Overview Quick Campaigns
  • Overiew of Marketing Campaigns
  • Explain Creating a Marketing Campaign
  • Explain Creating and Using Campaign Templates Concepts
  • Define Importing Leads
  • Explain Implementing and Managing Marketing Campaigns
  • Explain Campaigns, Campaign Activities and Marketing Lists
  • Describe about Creating and Using Email Templates
  • Explain Sales Literature, Products and Price Lists
  • Distributing Campaign Activities
  • Explain Capturing and Viewing Campaign Responses
  • Explain Working with Campaign Responses
  • Explain Analysis, Reporting and Goals
  • Explain Analyzing Marketing Information with Lists, Views and Charts
  • Describe Working with Reports
  • Explain Creating and Managing Marketing Goals
  • Explain Creating Charts
  • Explain Customizing and Working with Dashboards
  • Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Sales Process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Core Records in the Sales Process
  • Tracking Competitors and Managing Sales Literature
  • Working with Leads
  • Working with Opportunities
  • Sales Processes, Workflows and Dialogs
  • Working with the Product Catalog
  • The Product Catalog and the Sales Process
  • Unit Groups
  • Adding and Maintaining Products
  • Creating, Maintaining and Using Price Lists
  • Sales Order Processing
  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Order Process
  • Opportunities, Quotes, and the Sales Process
  • Working with Orders
  • Working with Invoices
  • Analysis, Reporting and Goals
  • Analyzing Sales Information with Lists, Views and Charts
  • Working with Reports
  • Exporting Sales Information to Microsoft Office Excel
  • Creating and Managing Sales Goals
  • Creating Charts
  • Dashboards
  • Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with Service Management
  • Cases and the Service Management Process
  • Queues and Contracts in Service Management
  • Working with Cases in the Case Grid
  • Working with Cases and Contracts
  • Creating Case Records
  • Working with Cases
  • Contracts and Contract Templates
  • Creating and Working with Contracts
  • Using Contracts with Cases
  • Using the Knowledge Base
  • Article Templates
  • Creating, Approving and Publishing Articles
  • Using and Searching the Knowledge Base
  • Cases and Knowledge Base Articles
  • Working with Teams and Queues
  • Introduction to Teams
  • Introduction to Queues
  • Creating and Managing Queues
  • Working with Queues and Queue Items
  • Using Workflows with Queues
  • Analysis, Reporting and Goals
  • Service Management Reports
  • Service Management Charts and Dashboards
  • Goal Management for Service
  • Service Scheduling in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Introduction
  • Service Scheduling Overview
  • Service Scheduling Scenarios
  • Service Scheduling Process
  • Working with Service Activities and the Service Calendar
  • Closing, Canceling, or Rescheduling a Service Activity
  • Using Charts and Reports to Analyze Service Activities
  • Advanced Topics
  • Understanding the Service Activity Scheduling Engine
  • Resources, Services and Selection Rules
  • Incorporating Customer Preferences
  • Resource and Service Capacity Requirements
  • Understanding Sites and Same-Site Requirements
  • Microsoft Dynamics Customization and Configuration
  • Business Units and Security Roles
  • Business Units
  • Managing Business Units
  • Security Features
  • Configuring Users and Teams
  • User Management Overview
  • Adding and Maintaining User Accounts
  • Team Configuration
  • Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overview
  • Customization Methodology
  • Who can Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
  • Types of Customizations
  • Types of Customizations – Solutions
  • Customizing Fields
  • Customization Concepts
  • Field Data Types
  • Field Properties
  • Creating Fields
  • Creating Option Sets
  • Customizing Entities
  • Entity Concepts
  • Modifying Custom Entities
  • Customizing Relationships and Mappings
  • Types of Entity Relationships
  • Creating Entity Relationships
  • Entity Mapping
  • Customizing Forms, Views and Charts
  • Basic UI Customization Capabilities
  • View Customization Overview
  • Charts
  • Form Customization Overview
  • Other Form Objects
  • Creating New Forms
  • Configuring Field Security
  • Field Security Scope
  • Field Security and Other Security Methods
  • Configuring Auditing
  • Enabling Auditing
  • Viewing Audit Data
  • Managing Audit Partitions
  • Configuring Solutions
  • Solutions Review
  • Exporting and Importing Unmanaged Solutions
  • Exporting and Importing Managed Solutions

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