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OpenStack is an arrangement of open-source programming tools for building & overseeing cloud computing stages. A huge number of individuals and organizations like Red Hat, Dell & Rackspace have made OpenStack. They cooperate with the objective of making OpenStack the most powerful & secure stage available. OpenStack competes cloud stages, for example, Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure.

OpenStack is an IaaS. The infrastructure makes it simple for designers to construct administrations and applications over it. Before we go any further, it comprehends the part of each primary component. The OpenStack people group has recognized nine essential segments that are a piece of the center stack.

How about we rapidly cover the pleasant center components. Nova is the primary compute engine of OpenStack. Devlopers outlined it to oversee virtual machines on standard equipment. Nova is comparable in capacity to EC2 from AWS and was one of the commitments from NASA when OpenStack began.

Swift is the object storage system contributed by Rackspace. Swift is like S3 from Amazon in that it’s ready to scale to monstrous sizes. Utilizing a special identifier, designers use Swift to choose where objects are put away. Keystone is the principle device for client confirmation and part based access controls.

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This enables the framework to effectively scale since engineers don’t need to stress over the capacity limit on a solitary framework. Soot is the square stockpiling segment of OpenStack. It works more like custom stockpiling in execution and engineering.

Keystone is the principle device for client confirmation and part based access controls. It goes about as a central directory of all clients and their respective permissions. Keystone bolsters conventional username and secret key logins as well. Glance allows the client to turn up virtual machines by making formats for them. It works with Cinder to store pictures it makes from formats, but it can likewise make its own particular pictures.

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Course Objectives

  • Linux Overview
  • Explain Linux admin commands
  • Cloud Overview
  • Describe Comparison with Amazon AWS and RackSpace cloud
  • Explain Other Cloud frameworks
  • Overview OpenStack and its components
  • Define Virtualization techniques
  • Define Compute (Nova)
  • Define nova
  • Explain Supported hypervisors
  • Describe Xen, LXC, KVM, Qemu, VMWare
  • Explain Architecture & features
  • Define Control Flow
  • Describe Building a Platform as a Service using Docker/LXC?
  • Define Glance
  • Explain Supported image formats
  • Describe Creating, uploading and using an image
  • Explain Architecture & features
  • Define Control flow
  • Explain Software defined storage (Cinder)
  • Define Cinder
  • Describe Block Storage properties
  • Describe Architecture & features
  • Explain Control flow
  • Explain Software defined storage (Swift)
  • Define Swift
  • Explain Object storage properties
  • Define Object security, permissions and metadata
  • Explain Architecture & components
  • Describe Features
  • Explain Control flow
  • Describe Building a Content Delivery Network
  • Explain Software defined networking (Neutron)
  • Define Neutron
  • Explain Architecture & features
  • Explain Control flow
  • Define Creating VPN
  • Explain Open vSwitch
  • Define Cloud Security
  • Define Cloud security groups
  • Define Instance access (SSH Keys)
  • Explain Virtual private clouds
  • Explain DMZs
  • Define Identity & Access Management (Keystone)
  • Describe RBAC
  • Explain Users, Roles, Groups, Domains, Projects
  • Describe OpenStack dashboard (Horizon)
  • Define Horizon
  • Explain Architecture & features

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