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E-commerce is the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet, including business-to-business (B2B). In B2B e-commerce, an enterprise extends its business processes over the Internet to reach trading partners. B2B e-commerce represents classic business processes, mature business documents, and industry-tempered messaging services.

Oracle B2B supports payload obfuscation before payloads are stored in the instance repository. The security infrastructure of Oracle Fusion Middleware is used to obfuscate, store, and retrieve the payloads, and ensure that payloads in wire messages, business messages, and application messages are visible to authorized users only.

The encryption algorithm is not specifiable. Keys are stored in the Credential Store. At run time, the payload is obfuscated before it is stored in the instance repository. It requires a unified business process platform, end-to-end instance tracking, visibility and auditing, integrated process intelligence, process and service governance, and centralized security.

When this payload is retrieved from the instance store during processing, it is automatically unobfuscated so that B2B engine processes it. Similarly, in the outbound direction, if payload obfuscation is required, then the payload is obfuscated before it is stored in the instance repository.


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Oracle B2B gives the safe and solid trade of reports between organizations e.g. Retailer, Supplier, Manufacturer. This kind of eCommerce, B2B, speaks to develop business archives, great business procedures and industry standard informing administrations and requires an engineering to deal with the total end¬to¬end business handle. As a part of the Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle B2B addresses this difficulty and together, they give an engineering empowering a brought together business handle stage, end¬to¬end example following, perceivability, examining, prepare insight, administration, and security. Oracle B2B empowers the definition, approval, standardization/interpretation, recognizable proof, relationship, clustering, steering and envelope era of reports as characterized by the individual norms. The interpreters and Document Editor are Powered by EDIFECSTM. Prophet B2B empowers secure and dependable informing by supporting various transports and informing administrations. Inside every standard the client can characterize the convention, transport parameters, channel properties, trade parameters and security prerequisites. Hye Infotech provides excellent Oracle B2B Training in Chennai location with experienced trainers. Our training strategies are Class room training, Online training and Corporate training. At Hye Infotech we also cover how Oracle B2B modules are linked with other modules.

The Oracle B2B samples guide you through the steps to create guideline files, design Oracle B2B transactions, deploy and monitor trading partner agreements, and create and deploy SOA composite applications. The composite applications include an Oracle B2B binding component and use the document definitions that you create in Oracle B2B. Oracle B2B supports many Documents Protocols like off course your own, EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet and many more. Besides this it also supports many interchange channel protocols like AS2, Email , FTP , File etc. B2B can listen on those channels and tries to identify the document together with the sender and the receiver. For this you need to register the document and create an Agreement between the two parties. On the partner level you need to register some identifiers like a common name or an email address. When the document is identified it will be translated to xml and this document can send this to an output channel, this can be a JMS Queue on which Oracle SOA Suite can listen.

Hye Infotech provides the best training on Oracle B2B in chennai. We arrange classes based on student feasible timings, to take online or classroom trainings in chennai. We are the Best Oracle B2B Training Institute in Chennai as far as Oracle B2B syllabus is concerned.

Course Objectives

  • Depicting and tending to the necessities of E-Commerce
  • Clarifying how Oracle B2B fits into a SOA usage
  • Depicting the Oracle B2B building pieces
  • Distinguishing run of the mill Oracle B2B arrangement topologies
  • Oracle B2B Standards and Concepts
  • Depicting what B2B measures address
  • Distinguish the essential parts of B2B exchanges
  • Distinguishing exchanging accomplices and archives by utilizing the distinctive B2B conventions
  • Portraying Oracle B2B capacities
  • Archive Management: Creating Guidelines
  • Portraying the fundamental strides in the Oracle B2B prepare stream
  • Recognizing the distinctive report conventions upheld in Oracle B2B
  • Posting the Oracle B2B Document Editor parts
  • Making rules by utilizing Oracle B2B Document Editor
  • Record Management: Creating Document Definition
  • Portraying record progressive system
  • Making report definitions by utilizing the Oracle B2B interface
  • Depicting the convention parameters for various report conventions
  • Accomplice Management: Creating Profiles
  • Making exchanging accomplice profiles
  • Making exchanging accomplice clients
  • Including report definitions
  • Designing conveyance channels
  • Making and Deploying Agreements
  • Depicting exchanging accomplice understandings
  • Posting the fundamental strides for making understandings
  • Overseeing understandings
  • Channels and SOA Applications
  • Depicting and Using B2B Channels
  • Depicting how Channels are utilized with Agreements
  • Recognizing inward channels and outer channels
  • Recognizing listening channels and exchanging accomplice conveyance channels
  • Depicting the fundamental segments of a SOA application that can be utilized with B2B
  • Web Services Support in B2B
  • Depicting the Web Services highlights accessible in B2B
  • Setting up B2B to get and react to a message sent utilizing Web Services
  • Setting up B2B to send an active message utilizing Web Services convention
  • Revealing: Oracle B2B
  • Depicting detailing usefulness in Oracle B2B
  • Making distinctive sorts of reports
  • Diagnostics
  • Portraying the utilization of Oracle B2B measurements
  • Diagnosing distinctive sorts of mistakes
  • Portraying B2B framework and accomplice measurements
  • Posting the means to incorporate with BAM for constant reports
  • Sketching out utilize cases for the Instance Message Java API
  • Security
  • Portraying clients and parts in Oracle B2B
  • Portraying report obscurity and record provisioning
  • Clarifying the usefulness of the protected attachments layer
  • Framework Management
  • Sending and overseeing understandings
  • Making identifier sorts
  • Bringing in and sending out B2B configuration time information
  • Clumping EDI messages
  • Booking accomplice down time
  • Designing listening channels
  • Cleansing information
  • Designing B2B parameters
  • B2B Java API
  • Posting the accessible B2B Java APIs
  • Depicting the functionalities of Java Callouts
  • Depicting the utilization instances of transport level callout and understanding level callout
  • Designing Java callouts in Oracle B2B Console
  • Composing fundamental Java callouts
  • Utilizing Instance Message APIs to get to runtime information
  • B2B Tools and Utilities
  • Utilizing web benefit based instruments
  • Utilizing charge line apparatuses
  • Making mass B2B metadata with SelfService utility

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