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Oracle Demantra Demand Management empowers you to detect request from various information sources including purpose of offers and syndicated information, and break down request information at different levels to comprehend the point by point conduct of interest. Such itemized comprehension of cause and relative commitment of different requests both enhances your capacity to foresee the itemized conduct of you request and empowers request molding exercises projects.

Better constant request knowledge is just helpful in the event that you can make an interpretation of it into a more precise figure. Prophet Demantra Request Management and its licensed Bayesian systematic gauge motor creates the most exact estimates conceivable.

Robotized calculations naturally join nine industry-standard and exclusive guaging models, blended in an unbounded number of blends to deal with an extensive variety of item life cycles and request designs including discontinuous request.

This delivers a figure that obliges regularity, advancements, patterns, and other causal factors at the same time. Causal relationships and other investigative parameters are naturally kept up at suitable various leveled levels where factually important and satisfactory information focuses are accessible.


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Self-learning and self-adjusting calculations consolidate the diverse models to amplify prescient precision (instead of noteworthy fit) and to react to changing economic situations. Prophet Demantra Demand Management covers up measurable multifaceted nature from interest organizers (“PhD in a crate”) and supervisors, yet can be widely demonstrated by analysts as required for your business. Prophet Demantra Demand Management gives a hearty work process driven joint effort worldview over all constituents. Every member gets the data customized to their should have the capacity to settle on key choices. The framework keeps a review trail of all progressions, takes note of that catch key choices and presumptions, and creates exemptions to guarantee responsiveness. Demantra Demand Management empowers simple and powerful coordinated effort with your clients empowering you to enhance your forecast of interest. Clients can be given secure access to just their information for more effective joint effort. At the point when conveyed with Oracle® Collaborative Planning you can empower a community anticipating process when distributing deals figure information to key providers and contract producers.

Demantra Demand Management empowers you to acquire, and particularly keep up, request information from numerous ERP source and inheritance frameworks. Distinctive provincial or business line clients independently or as a gathering can specifically get to the information particular to their district, business line, or duty. The clients don’t require to be associated with the Internet consistently and can work disconnected as required. Prophet Demantra Demand Administration’s backings intense estimating procedures and models to enhance anticipating of extra parts for Service Tasks. It bolsters populace and disappointment rate based guaging, use based anticipating, composite estimating, supersession chain and chain history of various updates, guaging of new administration level understandings, both demonstrated at client and client site level, estimating in light of one of a kind parts attributes, returns guaging, and determining in light of causal variables. To enhance save estimate exactness, you can use key figure strategies, for example, moving normal, single exponential smoothing, Holt, coordinated causal exponential model (Winters improved), relapse with occasional causal, Croston’s for discontinuous, relapse with occasional causal for irregular, multiplicative Monte Carlo relapse with occasional causal for discontinuous request, or select ‘master mode” to naturally choose the best mixed measurable strategy for each administration parts, particularly valuable when scaling to deal with substantial volumes of parts.

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Course Objective

  • Demantra Overview
  • Demantra – Why Customers Deploy It
  • Demantra Business Needs
  • Demantra and it’s Competitors
  • Demantra – Application Releases
  • Demantra Differentiators
  • Demantra Features and Glossary
  • Demantra Architecture
  • Demantra Demand Management & AFDM Capability
  • Demantra Demand Management Process flow
  • Demantra Concepts – Overview
  • Levels
  • Series
  • Worksheets – Worksheet Designer
  • Collaborator Workbench
  • Workflows
  • Methods
  • Security
  • Admin Tool – Business Modeler
  • Collaborator Workbench and Worksheet Implementation
  • Collaborator Workbench Concepts
  • Content Panes
  • Worksheets Details
  • Public Vs Private
  • Worksheets and Views
  • Editing, Saving and Retrieving Data
  • Caching Worksheets
  • Who’s Online?
  • Hung Session
  • Embedded Worksheets
  • Worksheet Filters
  • Open and Open With Context
  • Demantra Levels, Hierarchies and Dimensions
  • Level Types
  • Level Hierarchies
  • Level Attributes
  • Levels Editor
  • Adding a New Level
  • Adding Level Members
  • Demantra Series
  • Series Data
  • Server Expression
  • Client Expression
  • Series Editor
  • Configuring Series
  • Aggregation and Disaggregation
  • Proportional Series
  • Demantra Security and User Management
  • Data Security
  • User Maintenance
  • User Groups
  • Component Maintenance
  • Notes Security
  • Menu Security for Collaborator Workbench and Worksheets
  • Key Demantra Database Objects and New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Data Storage
  • Key Tables
  • Staging and Base Tables
  • Demo on the system
  • Demantra New Product Introduction
  • NPI overview
  • Member Management
  • Chaining Management
  • Shape Modelling
  • Demantra Analytical Engine and System Parameters
  • Overview of Analytical engine
  • Demantra Forecasting Ideology
  • Casual Factors Introduction
  • Analytical Engine Modes (DP and PE)
  • Batch Engine
  • Simulation Engine
  • Forecasting Models
  • Nodal Tuning
  • Forecast Tree
  • Key Engine Parameters
  • Demantra Data Model Wizard
  • Demantra Data Model
  • Demantra Integration Overview
  • Data Model Creation and Configuration
  • Staging Tables Configuration
  • Integration Interface Wizard / Integration Between Demantra and Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Understanding the Integration Interface Wizard
  • Creation of Import and Export Profiles
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Demantra and Oracle E-Business Suite Integration
  • Setup and Process Flow
  • Demand Management System Administrator Responsibility
  • Data Collections Process
  • Collections – Standard Collection
  • Collections – Shipment and Booking History
  • Workflow – EBS Full Download
  • Attribute Based Forecasting and Demantra Predictive Trade Planning (PTP) Overview
  • Overview of Attribute Based Forecasting
  • Predictive Trade Planning Module
  • Introduction to PTP
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Quotas, Funds and Promotions
  • Planning Environment
  • Running Simulations

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