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Fusion Order Management carefully replaces the great old request cycle in Oracle EBS permitting usage of complex store network satisfaction situations effortlessly. The new elements in Fusion Order Management R11 enables customers to actualize complex production network situations in the Fusion Cloud utilizing externalized assignment highlight. This permits coordinated effort between interior request administration groups and outsiders consequently through a work process started and represented from Fusion Public Cloud. In Fusion, you can virtualise any progression in the request cycle to a web benefit. The connector URL is determined in the EIL utilizing Manage Web Service Details UI.

This cooperation is bi-directional, wherein the Fusion Public Cloud sends messages to your outsider frameworks to reserver or ship or receipt and so forth. And furthermore the outsider frameworks can refresh the status once more into Fusion Public cloud after the assignment has been finished.

Not just that, outsider frameworks can subscribe to changes made to the requests so that the affected ward procedures are overseen quickly with mechanization. Request might be dispatched by an outsider, yet arrange status on Amazon indicates where the request is in its lifecycle.

So as to envision what this mind boggling store network truly implies, consider amazon.com. You submit a request, for which amount might be saved in stockroom of the related dealer. Request might be dispatched by an outsider, yet arrange status on Amazon indicates where the request is in its lifecycle.

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Request might be dispatched by an outsider, yet arrange status on Amazon indicates where the request is in its lifecycle. In Fusion, you can virtualise any progression in the request cycle to a web benefit. Fruition of a request comprises of an arrangement of errands, for example, position of request, holding the great, dispatching the merchandise, invoicing for the products and so on. Combination Order administration enables you to externalize any of these errands by making a call to web benefit. These undertakings that get externalized are called Task Layers. You can design the web administration to be summoned to execute outer assignments utilizing EIL ( External Integration Layer ) in Fusion Public cloud.Hye Infotech provides excellent Oracle Fusion Order Management Training in Chennai location with experienced trainers. Our training strategies are Class room training, Online training and corporate training. At Hye Infotech we also cover how Oracle Fusion Order Management modules are linked with other modules.

Task layer is an idea in Fusion Order Management in which a particular business undertaking is expert by speaking with outside applications or frameworks. There are numerous Task Layers in Order Management like Reservation Task layer, and Shipping Task Layer which performs capacities like Reservation and Shipping correspondingly. The EIL (External Integration Layer) assumes an essential part while conversing with outsider frameworks or Non Fusion frameworks. The connector URL is determined in the EIL utilizing Manage Web Service Details UI. A connector is a web administration that gets a message from OM, changes the message into an arrangement which the Fulfillment framework comprehends and afterward calls the Fulfillment framework. Additionally, the change of web administration reaction to an OM particular message is performed by the Connector. Blunder taking care of ought to likewise be made some portion of the connector with the goal that mistakes can be accounted for and recovered.You don’t need to utilize Oracle SOA essentially to fabricate the connector. You may have SOA from IBM or TIBCO or Microsoft or some other merchant, and those can be similarly utilized with Fusion Public cloud to manufacture undertaking layer APIs for Fusion Order Management.

Hye Infotech provides the best training on Oracle Fusion Order Management in chennai. We arrange classes based on student feasible timings, to take online or classroom trainings in chennai. We are the Best Oracle Fusion Order Management Training Institute in Chennai as far as Oracle Fusion Order Management syllabus is concerned.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Order Management and Fulfillment Cloud
  • An overview of the Oracle Order Management Cloud platform
  • Order Management Integrations
  • Order Business Flow
  • Pricing Strategies Overview
  • Pricing strategy
  • Customer pricing profiles
  • Matrices
  • Change Order Processing
  • Change management
  • Compensation
  • Global Order Promising Overview
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Architecture and Components
  • Key functionalities of Global Order Promising
  • Order Promising, Sourcing and ATP Rules Overview
  • Available-to-Promise (ATP) and Sourcing Rules
  • Order Promising Functionality Key Concepts Overview
  • Order Promising Workflow and Availability Check
  • Capable-to-Promise (CTP)
  • Profitable-to-Promise (PTP)
  • Fulfillment Line Splits
  • End Item Substitution
  • Support Advanced Fulfillment Techniques
  • Configure-to-Order Promising
  • Order Promising Work Area to Manage Order Backlog
  • Data Collection Administration Key Concepts Overview
  • Data Collections
  • Global Order Promising Engine Restart
  • Real-Time Supply Updates
  • Order Import Concepts
  • Overview of Order Import
  • Direct Web Service Integration
  • File-Based Imports
  • Order Transformation Key Concepts
  • Transformation: Overview
  • Types of Transformation
  • Transformation Using Oracle Business Rules
  • Orchestration Process Definition Overview
  • Explain orchestration
  • Discuss defaulted values and identify required information
  • Begin creating an orchestration process definition step
  • Explain step dependencies
  • Explain branching
  • Orchestration Process Planning, Deployment, and Jeopardy
  • Planning Fulfillment
  • Managing Jeopardy
  • Deployment of Orchestration Processes
  • Defining Processing Constraints and Hold Codes
  • Processing Constraints
  • Holds
  • Back-to-Back and Drop Ship Supply Creation Fulfillment Overview
  • Back-to-Back Process
  • Back-to-Back Fulfillment of Standard Items
  • Drop ship integration points
  • Fulfillment line statuses
  • Configured Items with Order Management Fulfillment Overview
  • Configured Items
  • Configured Item Fulfillment Flow
  • Data Path for Sourcing and Fulfilling Configured Items
  • Shipping Concepts Overview
  • Shipping process flow
  • Pick release process flow
  • Ship confirm process flow

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