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The Oracle Supply Chain Management: Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management Solutions Specialization perceives accomplice associations that are capable in offering, actualizing as well as creating Oracle Supply Chain Management: Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management Solutions. Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM), a segment of the Oracle Fusion Applications suite, is a progressive new way to deal with shared, multi-framework arrange satisfaction and item information administration.

Oracle Fusion SCM gives a store network information model and administrations for such things as item, request, stock, sending and accepting and furthermore business forms for idea to-dispatch, request to-money, and cost administration.

Starting arrivals of Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management will have usefulness for item ace information administration, costing, arrange coordination, item availability,logistics, stock administration, light stockroom administration abilities and Agile PLM.

The Oracle Cloud SCM applications contrast from past Oracle applications programming, for example, E-Business Suite, in that Fusion was produced inside a measured structure that empowers a large portion of the abilities to be executed as independent arrangements in a crossover of Oracle Cloud applications with your heritage frameworks or as a far reaching completely coordinated Cloud suite.


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A noteworthy advantage to Oracle Fusion is its capacity to coordinate with these half breed structures of Cloud and inheritance systems through their specialized Cloud foundation and stage offerings that support outer improvement inside their open-principles engineering. Hye Infotech gives phenomenal Oracle Fusion SCM Training in Chennai area with experienced mentors. Our preparation procedures are Class room preparing, Online preparing and corporate preparing. At Hye Infotech we additionally cover how Oracle Fusion SCM modules are connected with different modules.

Oracle Fusion SCM is a business empowering influence with advantages in view of streamlined, associated forms, dramaticallyimproved perceivability, and implicit, ongoing investigation. At the point when combined with the correct reconciliation and execution approach, Oracle Fusion SCM empowers organizations to expand an incentive from existing ventures. Oracle Fusion SCM’s key segments streamline the production network and quicken business forms.

Hye Infotech provides the best training on Oracle Fusion SCM in chennai. We arrange classes based on student feasible timings, to take online or classroom trainings in chennai. We are the Best Oracle Fusion SCM Training Institute in Chennai as far as Oracle Fusion SCM syllabus is concerned.

Course Objectives

  • Accumulate at Period End
  • Receipt Accounting Reporting
  • Subledger Accounting for Receipt
  • Taken a toll Accounting Setup
  • Taken a toll Accounting Setup Overview
  • Setting Up Cost Accounting
  • Utilizing Quick Setup to Configure Cost Accounting
  • Subledger Accounting and Cost Accounting
  • Key Implementation Decision Points
  • Oversee Cost Accounting Period End
  • Overseeing cost bookkeeping periods and period statuses
  • Predating exchanges in cost bookkeeping
  • Performing cost bookkeeping period end assignments
  • Taken a toll Accounting Reporting
  • Setting Up Manufacturing Costing
  • Characterizing Standard Costs
  • Producing – costing reconciliation
  • Setting up standard expenses for segments, assets, and overheads
  • Distributing standard expenses to bookkeeping
  • Producing Costing Reporting
  • Setup of Landed Cost Management
  • Characterizing charge names
  • Characterizing reference sorts
  • Overseeing courses
  • Mapping landed cost charge names to cost components
  • Overseeing Estimated Landed Cost Charges
  • What is an exchange operation
  • Making exchange operations from a format
  • Overseeing exchange operations
  • Partner material receipts with charge lines
  • Overseeing Actual Landed Cost Charges
  • Empowering payables solicitations for Landed Cost Management
  • Interfacing payables solicitations to Landed Cost Management
  • Altering landed cost appraisals to reflect real charges
  • Landed Cost Reporting
  • Examine costs utilizing the view thing landed cost page
  • Get to different landed cost reports
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Contract fabricating process stream
  • Setup undertakings to bolster the costing of agreement assembling
  • Taken a toll bookkeeping of agreement assembling work orders
  • Transferred Inventory
  • Transferred stock process stream
  • Setup assignments to bolster the costing of committed stock
  • Costing procedure of transferred receipts and utilizations
  • Inner Material Transfers
  • Inner material exchange prepare stream
  • Setup undertakings to bolster the costing of inner material exchanges
  • Taken a toll bookkeeping of inner material exchanges
  • Income and COGS Matching
  • Coordinating of COGS to income: Overview
  • Play out the undertakings to match COGS to income
  • Audit item net edges
  • Setting Up Supply Chain Financial Orchestration
  • Exchange estimating rules
  • Documentation and bookkeeping rules
  • Benefit focus party connections
  • Qualifiers
  • Framework alternatives
  • Production network and drop dispatch money related streams
  • Handling Supply Chain Financial Orchestration Flows
  • Production network occasions and monetary streams
  • Production network monetary coordination handle
  • Checking Financial Orchestration Flows
  • Costing Financial Orchestration
  • Fetched bookkeeping of intraorganization and interorganization exchanges
  • Inner benefit in stock
  • Detailing Financial Orchestration
  • Taken a toll bookkeeping appropriation
  • In-travel stock adjusts

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