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Oracle Retail Trade Management Training


Oracle Retail Trade Management Oracle Retail Trade Management gives the foundation to successfully dealing with the import process. The exceedingly versatile arrangement, straightforwardly incorporated with the Oracle Retail Merchandising System, is planned to address the issues of both expansive and little retailers with developing import programs. By overseeing record trades with accomplices what’s more, giving a focal database of basic import arrange data.

Oracle Retail Trade Management gives retailers a “solitary variant of reality” for settling on bringing in choices and assessing execution. Oracle Retail Trade Management likewise expands the usefulness of the Oracle Retail Merchandising Framework by empowering dealers to effectively deal with a solitary obtaining process for both import and residential requests.

The computerization of the import procedure wipes out the wasteful and manual procedures that expansion costs, delays, and consistence disappointments.

By giving an establishment of prompt, noteworthy data, Oracle Retail Trade Management empowers retailers to extend import projects and increment benefit. Extraordinary Features of Oracle Retail Trade Management Customs Arrangement.


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The arrangement likewise underpins Free Trade Zones by permitting numerous section zones with various rates for a similar nation/HTS mix. Best Oracle Retail Trade Management Training Cenetr In Chennai These arrangements, joined with import portrayals and traits, give the apparatuses to deliberately group items, guarantee the right most reduced rate, and help ensure consistence right on time in the import procedure, along these lines maintaining a strategic distance from exorbitant freedom issues and unforeseen postponements. Letters of Credit. Connections letters of credit and buy requests to give cross-utilitarian perceivability between promoting furthermore, back, enables institutionalized electronic handling of data to different banks, and solidifies alteration administration and installment following in a solitary framework.

The Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management suite not just empowers the solid business execution that permits retailers to develop; it expels the limitations for development so frequently found in inheritance retail arrangements. The vigorous usefulness and very adaptable design gives the stage to help retail development through acquisitions, Worldwide development, as well as the expansion of new configurations, plans of action, item arrangements, and channels. Retailers have possessed the capacity to definitely decrease time spent setting up tasks in new nations and can deal with various nations on a solitary case—consequently diminishing upkeep costs and expanding operational consistency.

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Course Objective

  • Application Overview
  • Oracle Retail Footprint
  • International Trade Entities
  • RTM Business Process
  • RTM Process Flow
  • Core Components
  • Interaction with other applications and third party applications
  • Navigation
  • Item Attributes
  • Item Attributes Overview
  • Supply Chain Partners
  • Supplier Details
  • Process Flow
  • Creating an Item
  • Creating Item-Supplier-Country of Sourcing relationship
  • Adding HTS
  • Approval
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule
  • Overview of HTS as an assessment component
  • Illustration of a typical HTS
  • HTS Mass Upload
  • HTS Manual Upload
  • HTS Classfication Maintenance
  • Attaching HTS to the import item
  • Reviewing assessment components in HTS
  • Purchase Order
  • Overview of Purchase Order
  • Process Flow
  • Classification of POs
  • Creating Import Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order attributes
  • Letter of Credit
  • Overview of Letter of Credit
  • Classification
  • Process Flow
  • Setting up information on Letter of Credit
  • Attaching the Letter of Credit with the PO
  • Estimated Landed Cost
  • Overview of Estimated Landed Cost
  • ELC Components
  • ELC calculations
  • Creating and maintaining ELC components
  • Reviewing the ELC for import items and POs
  • Transportation
  • Overview of Transportation in RTM
  • Process Flow
  • Creating transportation records
  • Reviewing the transportation details
  • Finalizing the transportation record
  • Customs Entry
  • Overview of Customs Entry
  • Process flow
  • Updating a Customs Entry record
  • Statuses in Customs Entry
  • Allocating the Customs Entry information to ALC
  • Obligations
  • Overview of Obligations
  • Process Flow
  • Review Non Merchandise Codes
  • Create Obligation with non merchandise codes
  • Approve the obligation
  • Allocate it to ALC
  • Actual Landed Cost
  • Overview of Actual Landed Cost
  • Process Flow
  • Reviewing the Actual Landed Cost
  • Finalizing the Actual Landed Cost
  • Review
  • Recapitulation of the course objectives
  • Emphasis on the Import Process Flow
  • Reviewing the RTM process Flow
  • Conclusion

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