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Oracle Warehouse Builder is a solitary, extensive instrument for all parts of information combination. Distribution center Builder use Oracle Database to change information into brilliant data. It gives information quality, information examining, completely coordinated social and dimensional displaying, and full lifecycle administration of information and metadata. Before stacking information into another information store.

Numerous worldwide companies have information scattered on various stages utilizing a wide assortment of information revealing and investigation apparatuses. Client and provider information might be put away in applications, databases, spreadsheets, level records, and inheritance frameworks.

This decent variety might be caused by hierarchical units working autonomously over some stretch of time, or it might be the aftereffect of business mergers. Whatever the reason for assorted variety, this decent variety normally brings about low quality information that gives a deficient and conflicting perspective of the business.

Stockroom Builder gives a broad library of information changes for information writes, for example, content, numeric, date, and others. Utilize these changes to accommodate the information from a wide range of sources as portrayed in “Information Change”. You can approve name and address information against postal databases.


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Before stacking information into another information store, you can alternatively profile the information to assess its quality and suitability. In this manner, you can coordinate and union records utilizing decides that you devise. You can approve name and address information against postal databases. This procedure of changing low quality information into top notch data is presented in “About the Data Quality Administration Process”. Utilizing Warehouse Builder, you can outline and actualize any information store required by your applications, regardless of whether social or dimensional. The way toward outlining your information store is portrayed in “Planning Target Schemas”. After combining information from an assortment of sources into a solitary information store, you are probably going to confront the test of checking the legitimacy of the yield data. For example, would you be able to track and confirm how a specific number was determined? This is an inquiry frequently postured by leaders inside your association and by government controllers. The way toward getting to organization and inspecting data is portrayed in “Evaluating Deployments and Executions”.

Oracle Warehouse Builder can be utilized as a part of the plan of social articles for your operational information store, and dimensional items for the information distribution center execution layer. You can actualize ETL forms for stacking distribution centers, including savvy administrators that streamline stacking dimensional items, notwithstanding for complex stacking forms required for gradually evolving measurements. Prophet Warehouse Developer can actualize business insight applications and information stores. Prophet Warehouse Builder can likewise be utilized to profile information sources and to create or find information rules. You can utilize information principles to quantify information quality, screen, and implement quality necessities amid stacking, or as an out-of-band process. Information purging rationale can be consolidated into the distribution center stacking process. Prophet Warehouse Builder application connectors (or connectors) empower access to information stores speaking to basic business substances, for example, clients and items at an intelligent, instead of physical, level. This disentangles the outline of information development, information quality and information purifying, and advancement forms. You can utilize Oracle Warehouse Builder information quality highlights to find, review, and uphold the substance of your lord information stores and their consistence with your information rules. Computerized information purifying and advancement forms are anything but difficult to execute.

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Course Objective

  • Setting Up and Starting Warehouse Builder
  • Describe typical Oracle Warehouse Builder configurations, including the classroom stand-alone setup
  • Describe Oracle Warehouse Builder program group components
  • Log in to the Design Center
  • Create a design repository and users
  • Open a project and navigate the user interface
  • Introducing OWB 10g R2 Architecture and Configuration
  • Discuss various design and run-time configurations
  • Describe the Warehouse Builder repository architecture, users, and owners
  • Describe the OWB repository architecture, users, and owners
  • Explain the benefits of warehouse staging areas
  • Describe the course data sources and targets
  • Import metadata using tcl scripts
  • Defining Source Metadata
  • Define and create source modules
  • Specify source data from flat files
  • Specify source data from relational database tables
  • Import source object metadata into the source modules
  • Ensuring Data Quality Using Data Profiling
  • Create a data profile
  • Profile the data
  • View profile results
  • Analyze profile results
  • Defining Staging Metadata and Mapping Tables
  • Create a target module
  • Run the generated correction mappings
  • Defining a Relational Dimensional Model
  • Define dimensions and cubes
  • Navigate the Data Object Editor
  • Define ETL mappings to load the dimensions and cubes
  • Handling Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Explain how OWB handles a slowly changing dimension
  • Define a type 2 slowly changing dimension
  • Use the type 2 policy dialog box
  • Using Process Flows
  • Navigate the process flow editor
  • Create process flow definitions
  • Define a schedule
  • Use process flow activity templates
  • Use process flow activities
  • Deploying, Loading, and Viewing Data
  • Use the Control Center Manager
  • Load data into tables
  • Use the Dependency Manager to manage metadata
  • Business Intelligence Integration
  • Define Oracle Discoverer structures
  • Derive Oracle Discoverer structures
  • Define cross-tab and graph presentation templates
  • Add a staging table to a staging area warehouse module
  • Define mappings between source objects and staging table columns
  • Deriving Data Rules and Running Correction Mappings
  • Derive data rules
  • Create a correction

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