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The PeopleSoft Implementation of Financials and Human Resources is one of eight vital activities in the Five Year Vital Framework for ITS. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) venture will give a coordinated extensive regulatory frameworks update that will: Enhance client administration and support of proficient authoritative practices; Give understudies access to data and innovation to empower and improve their instructive experience.

The Case ERP Project is intended to supplant Case’s obsolete center regulatory procedures including finance, fund, obtaining, and creditor liabilities. It will likewise give the main HR framework for the college. After the monetary and HR frameworks are set up, PeopleSoft Student Administration will likewise be actualized.

An electronic, work process empowered framework that enhances preparing of procurement orders and different archives. You will have upgraded ability to track the status of your orders as they travel through the acquiring framework.

Upgraded Acquiring and Accounts Payable instruments with easilyaccessible data. Everything from these applications will stream straightforwardly into the General Ledger.


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Enhanced controlled installments to sellers through Accounts Payable. Installment capacities can be streamlined and mechanized bringing about diminished handling time and expanded proficiency. Legally binding installments and uncommon installment prerequisites can be custom fitted to particular merchants. Electronic installment handling will likewise be streamlined. This will bring about better seller connections.The usage of the ERP framework enables the college to acknowledge many advantages including: The University will be capable to interface its business forms straightforwardly to providers, personnel, staff, and understudies to enhance regulatory effectiveness and administrations. All framework clients will have customized electronic access to a brought together arrangement of grounds wide exchanges, records and data from anyplace. The coordinated framework positions Case intensely with other establishments by giving a data show that addresses the issues of workforce, staff and understudies. The framework will give upgraded announcing and information examination abilities for workforce and staff.

PeopleSoft Financial Management System is comprised of tables involved arrangements of related fields. When you enter a exchange in the PeopleSoft framework, some of these qualities will default for you and you won’t have to enter them for every exchange. The execution group built up these defaults for every client in light of the assignments the client performs. SetIDs are set up to gather sets (TableSets) of qualities for particular applications. The PeopleSoft SetID enables you to gathering together esteems, for example, merchants, ChartFields, clients, and so forth. A SetID might be appended to a solitary specialty unit or numerous specialty units may share the qualities alloted to a SetID. Your money related exchanges will likewise be presented on a particular spending period. This enables you to track and give an account of financial movement for whenever period at the college. A Ledger is an arrangement of posted adjusts that speaks to an arrangement of adjusted books for a Business Unit. Records store posted net balances for every blend of ChartFields by bookkeeping period and financial year. The PeopleSoft General Ledger Application enables you to characterize Ledgers to record actuals (intermittent money related information), spending plans, estimates, measurements, or some other sort of information at any level. The quantity of Ledgers you include will depend the sort of information you need to keep up. The Application bolsters nitty gritty and synopsis Ledgers. Numerous detail Ledgers can be connected together in a Ledger gathering. When you post a Journal passage, you have the alternative of presenting the Journal on a solitary Ledger or to all Ledgers in a Ledger gathering.

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Course Objectives

  • Peoplesoft Finance Course Syllabus
  • Navigating the PeopleSoft Systems
  • Navigating and Searching in PeopleSoft
  • Using navigational shortcuts and tools for accessing data online
  • View and update records
  • Search on a given topic within PeopleBooks
  • Working With Tables in PeopleSoft
  • Types of PeopleSoft Tables
  • The Translate Table
  • Control Tables and Transaction Tables
  • Understanding the Relationship of Business Units and SetIDs
  • Describe Business Units and SetIDs
  • Understanding System Structure
  • Understanding PeopleSoft Internet Architecture
  • PeopleSoft Tables and Relational Database
  • Effective Dating
  • Action Types
  • Running Human Resources Processes and Reports
  • Processing and Viewing a Human Resources Report
  • Explain the purpose of the Employees table
  • Maintain Vendor
  • Understanding procurement
  • Understanding vendors
  • Understanding vendor location and address
  • Managing Items
  • Understand item categories
  • Understanding items
  • Understanding purchasing kits
  • Managing Request for Quotes
  • Understanding request for quotes
  • Understanding RFQ life cycle
  • Managing Requisitions
  • Understanding requisition defaults
  • Understanding requisition life cycle Source: SCANS – Secretary’s Commission for Achieving Necessary Skills
  • Understanding requisition status
  • Understanding requisition structure
  • Add/Change a PO
  • Understanding PO change order numbers
  • Understanding PO change orders
  • Understanding PO defaults
  • Understanding PO header status values
  • Understanding PO life cycle
  • Understanding PO structure
  • Process a PO
  • Understanding approving and dispatching Pos
  • Understanding background sourcing
  • Understanding options for selecting requisitions
  • Understanding requisition selection criteria
  • Manage Shipments
  • Understanding closing and reconciling Pos
  • Understanding PO receipt status
  • Understanding receipt accrual
  • Understanding receipt
  • Status
  • Understanding receiving shipment
  • Understanding vendor return process
  • Maintain Vendors
  • Understanding electronic payment
  • Understanding procurement
  • Understanding vendors
  • Understanding vendor locations and address
  • Understanding withholding information
  • Entering Voucher
  • Understand voucher life cycle
  • Understand voucher page groups
  • Understand vouchers
  • Managing Vouchers
  • Understanding control groups
  • Understanding correcting voucher errors Source: SCANS – Secretary’s Commission for Achieving Necessary Skills
  • Understanding multicurrency revaluation
  • Understanding open item accounting
  • Understanding selective voucher line updating
  • Understanding voucher adjustments
  • Understanding voucher approvals
  • Processing Payments
  • Understanding confirming and changing payment reference
  • numbering
  • Understanding creating payments
  • Understanding pay cycle
  • Understanding pay cycle exceptions
  • Understanding pay cycle manager
  • Understanding payment process
  • Understanding processing drafts
  • Understanding escheating payment
  • Understanding trial payment registers
  • Posting Voucher and Payments
  • Understanding cash clearing
  • Understanding payment posting
  • Understanding voucher posting
  • Understanding voucher unposting
  • Make a journal Entry
  • Understanding chartfields
  • Understanding journal entry
  • Understanding speed types
  • Understanding standard journal entry

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