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Performance tuning requires an alternate, albeit related, strategy to the underlying arrangement of a framework. Arranging a framework includes designating assets in a requested way with the goal that the underlying framework arrangement is utilitarian. Tuning is driven by distinguishing the most huge bottleneck and rolling out the fitting improvements to diminish or take out the impact of that bottleneck. More often than not, tuning is performed responsively.

The best method to tune is to have a set up execution pattern that can be utilized for correlation if a execution issue emerges. Most database managers (DBAs) know their framework well and can without much of a stretch recognize top use periods.

Numerous customer/server application software engineers consider SQL an informing dialect, since questions are issued and information is returned. Notwithstanding, customer instruments regularly create wasteful SQL explanations. Oracle gives a number of tools that permit an execution designer to assemble data in regards to database execution.

Accordingly, a great comprehension of the database SQL preparing motor is vital for composing ideal SQL. This is particularly valid for high exchange preparing frameworks. Ordinarily, SQL articulations issued by OLTP applications work on generally few lines at once.


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In the event that a file can point to the correct columns that are required, at that point Oracle can build a precise arrangement to get to those lines proficiently through the most brief conceivable way. In choice emotionally supportive network (DSS) conditions, selectivity is less critical, in light of the fact that they regularly get to the greater part of a table’s columns. In such circumstances, full table sweeps are normal, and records are not in any case utilized. At the point when a SQL proclamation is executed on an Oracle database, the Oracle inquiry analyzer decides the most effective execution design after considering numerous elements identified with the items referenced and the conditions determined in the inquiry. This assurance is an imperative advance in the handling of any SQL explanation and can extraordinarily influence execution time.

Effective data collection and analysis is basic for distinguishing and rectifying execution issues. Oracle gives a number of tools that permit an execution designer to assemble data in regards to database execution. Notwithstanding gathering information, Oracle gives devices to screen execution, analyze issues, and tune applications. The Oracle assembling and observing highlights are mostly programmed, overseen by an Oracle foundation forms. To empower programmed insights gathering and programmed execution includes, the STATISTICS_LEVEL introduction parameter must be set to Normal or ALL. You can oversee and show the yield of the social occasion and tuning apparatuses with Oracle Enterprise Manager, or then again with APIs and perspectives. For convenience and to exploit its various mechanized checking and demonstrative instruments, Prophet Enterprise Manager Database Control is suggested. Programmed Workload Repository (AWR) gathers, forms, and keeps up execution measurements for issue discovery and self-tuning purposes.

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Course Objective

  • Oracle Methodology
  • Understanding Investment Options
  • Understanding Scalability
  • System Architecture
  • Application Design Principles
  • Workload Testing, Modeling, and Implementation
  • Sending New Applications
  • Execution Improvement Methods
  • The Oracle Performance Improvement Method
  • Crisis Performance Methods
  • Arranging a Database for Performance
  • Execution Considerations for Initial Instance Configuration
  • Making and Maintaining Tables for Good Performance
  • Execution Considerations for Shared Servers
  • Programmed Performance Statistics
  • Outline of Data Gathering
  • Programmed Workload Repository
  • Programmed Performance Diagnostics
  • Prologue to Database Diagnostic Monitoring
  • Programmed Database Diagnostic Monitor
  • Memory Configuration and Use
  • Understanding Memory Allocation Issues
  • Arranging and Using the Buffer Cache
  • Arranging and Using the Shared Pool and Large Pool
  • Arranging and Using the Redo Log Buffer
  • PGA Memory Management
  • I/O Configuration and Design
  • Understanding I/O
  • Essential I/O Configuration
  • Understanding Operating System Resources
  • Understanding Operating System Performance Issues
  • Taking care of Operating System Problems
  • Understanding CPU
  • Discovering System CPU Utilization
  • Instance Tuning Using Performance Views
  • Instance Tuning Steps
  • Deciphering Oracle Statistics
  • Hold up Events Statistics
  • Sit still Wait Events
  • Tuning Networks
  • Understanding Connection Models
  • Recognizing Network Problems
  • Taking care of Network Problems
  • SQL Tuning Overview
  • Prologue to SQL Tuning
  • Objectives for Tuning
  • Recognizing High-Load SQL
  • Programmed SQL Tuning Features
  • Creating Efficient SQL Statements
  • Programmed SQL Tuning
  • Programmed SQL Tuning Overview
  • Performance Tuning Overview
  • Prologue to Performance Tuning
  • Prologue to Performance Tuning Features and Tools
  • Planning and Developing for Performance
  • SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Overseeing SQL Profiles with APIs
  • SQL Tuning Sets
  • SQL Tuning Information Views
  • The Query Optimizer
  • Streamlining agent Operations
  • Picking an Optimizer Goal
  • Empowering and Controlling Query Optimizer Features
  • Understanding the Query Optimizer
  • Understanding Access Paths for the Query Optimizer
  • Understanding Joins
  • Overseeing Optimizer Statistics
  • Understanding Statistics
  • Programmed Statistics Gathering
  • Manual Statistics Gathering
  • Framework Statistics
  • Overseeing Statistics
  • Review Statistics
  • Utilizing Indexes and Clusters
  • Understanding Index Performance
  • Utilizing Function-based Indexes for Performance
  • Utilizing Partitioned Indexes for Performance
  • Utilizing Index-Organized Tables for Performance
  • Utilizing Bitmap Indexes for Performance
  • Utilizing Bitmap Join Indexes for Performance
  • Utilizing Domain Indexes for Performance
  • Utilizing Clusters for Performance
  • Utilizing Hash Clusters for Performance
  • Streamlining agent Hints
  • Understanding Optimizer Hints
  • Utilizing Optimizer Hints
  • Utilizing Plan Stability
  • Utilizing Plan Stability to Preserve Execution Plans
  • Utilizing Plan Stability with Query Optimizer Upgrades
  • Utilizing EXPLAIN PLAN
  • Understanding EXPLAIN PLAN
  • The PLAN_TABLE Output Table
  • Running EXPLAIN PLAN
  • Showing PLAN_TABLE Output
  • Perusing EXPLAIN PLAN Output
  • Review Parallel Execution with EXPLAIN PLAN
  • Review Bitmap Indexes with EXPLAIN PLAN
  • Review Partitioned Objects with EXPLAIN PLAN
  • Utilizing Application Tracing Tools
  • End to End Application Tracing
  • Utilizing the trcsess Utility
  • Understanding SQL Trace and TKPROF
  • Utilizing the SQL Trace Facility and TKPROF
  • Keeping away from Pitfalls in TKPROF Interpretation
  • Test TKPROF Output

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