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Perl is a programming language which was initially produced for content control. In any case, now Perl is utilized for an assortment of reason including web improvement, GUI advancement, framework organization and some more. It is a steady, cross stage programming dialect. For web improvement, Perl CGI is utilized. CGI is the door which interfaces with the web program and Perl in a framework. Its commonplace utilize is separating data from a content record and printing out report for changing over a content document into another frame.

This is on account of it got its name after the articulation, “Down to earth Extraction and Report Language”. Projects written in Perl are called Perl contents, though framework projects to execute Perl contents are called Perl program.

Perl is a deciphered language. At the point when a Perl program run, it is first incorporated into a byte code, at that point it is changed over into machine guidelines. So composing something in Perl rather than C spares your opportunity. It underpins the vast majority of the working frameworks and is recorded in Oxford English word reference.

Its ideas and sentence structure is taken from numerous dialects like awk, bourne shell, C, sed and even English. Perl takes the best highlights from different languages, for example, C, awk, sed, sh, and BASIC, among others.


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Perls database joining interface DBI bolsters outsider databases including Oracle, Sybase, Postgres, MySQL and others. Perl works with HTML, XML, and other increase dialects. Perl bolsters Unicode. Perl is Y2K agreeable. Perl underpins both procedural and question arranged programming. Perl interfaces with outside C/C++ libraries through XS or SWIG. Perl is extensible. There are more than 20,000 third party modules accessible from the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN). The Perl translator can be implanted into other frameworks. Perl used to be the most famous web programming dialect because of its content control capacities and quick advancement cycle. Perl is generally known as “the conduit tape of the Internet”.

Perl can deal with encoded Web information, including web based business exchanges. Perl can be installed into web servers to accelerate preparing by as much as 2000%. Perl’s mod_perl permits the Apache web server to install a Perl translator. Perl’s DBI bundle makes web-database mix simple. Perl is a deciphered language, which implies that your code can be keep running as seems to be, without an aggregation organize that makes a non convenient executable program. Customary compilers change over projects into machine language. When you run a Perl program, it’s first aggregated into a byte code, which is then changed over ( as the program runs) into machine directions. So it isn’t exactly the same as shells, or Tcl, which are entirely deciphered without a middle of the road portrayal. It is dislike most forms of C or on the other hand C++, which are ordered straightforwardly into a machine subordinate organization. It is some place in the middle of, alongside Python and awk and Emacs .elc documents.

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Course Content

  • Overview of Perl
  • What is Perl?
  • The Input Operator
  • Print / Printf Statements
  • Running Perl Programs
  • Sample Program
  • Another Sample Program
  • Yet Another Example
  • Perl Variables
  • Three Data Types
  • Variable Names and Syntax
  • Variable Naming
  • Lists
  • Scalar and List Contexts
  • The Repetition Operator
  • Arrays and Hashes
  • Arrays
  • Array Functions
  • The foreach Loop
  • The @ARGV Array
  • The grep Function
  • Array Slices
  • Hashes
  • Hash Functions
  • Scalar and List Contexts Revisited
  • Quoting and Interpolation
  • String Literals
  • Interpolation
  • Array Substitution and Join
  • Backslashes and Single Quotes
  • Quotation Operators
  • Command Substitution
  • Here Documents
  • Conditional Statements
  • If Statements
  • If Else Statements
  • If Else if Statements
  • Nested If Statements
  • Switch Statements
  • Looping Statements
  • While Statements
  • Until Statements
  • For Statements
  • For Each Statements
  • Regular Expressions
  • Pattern Matching Overview
  • The Substitution Operator
  • Regular Expressions
  • Special Characters
  • Quantifiers (*, +, ?, {})
  • Assertions (^, $, \b, \B)
  • Translate
  • Split
  • Join
  • Subroutines
  • Overview of Subroutines
  • Passing Arguments
  • Private Variables
  • Returning Values
  • Files Handling
  • Overview of File I/
  • The open Function
  • The Input Operator
  • Default Input Operator
  • The print Function
  • Reading Directories
  • Packages and Modules
  • Packages
  • BEGIN and END Routines
  • require vs. use
  • Modules
  • The bless Function
  • Database Connectivity
  • Using DBI
  • Fetching output of the Query through Perl
  • Running other DB queries.

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