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Selenium WebDriver tool is utilized to mechanize web application testing to confirm that it functions of course. It underpins numerous programs, for example, Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. Be that as it may, utilizing the Selenium WebDriver, we can computerize testing for web applications as it were. It doesn’t fit the bill for window-based applications. It likewise bolsters distinctive programming languages such as C#, Java, Perl, PHP and Ruby for composing test contents.

Selenium Webdriver is stage free since a similar code can be utilized on various Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple OS and Linux. It is one of the parts of the selenium family, which likewise incorporates Selenium IDE, Selenium Client API, Selenium Remote Control and Selenium Grid.

Selenium WebDriver does not deal with window segment, but rather this confinement can be overwhelmed by utilizing outer instruments, for example, AUTO IT instrument, Sikuli and so forth.

It has diverse area techniques too, for example, ID, Name, Link content, Partial connection content, Class name, CSS selector and Xpath. It likewise has better help dynamic website pages like Ajax, where components of the site page may change without the page itself being reloaded.


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WebDriver is a standout amongst the most capable and mainstream apparatuses of Selenium toolbox. WebDriver comes as a broadened variant of Selenium RC with unnecessary focal points and addresses huge numbers of its constraints. WebDriver stretches out its help to numerous most recent programs and stages, dissimilar to Selenium IDE. WebDriver additionally doesn’t require Selenium server to be begun preceding execution of the test contents, dissimilar to Selenium RC. Selenium RC in total with WebDriver API is known as Selenium 2.0. Selenium was so created with a specific end goal to help dynamic pages and Ajax calls. It additionally underpins different drivers to practice electronic versatile testing. WebDriver is a electronic testing device with an unobtrusive contrast with Selenium RC. Since the device was based on the basic where an disengaged customer was made for every one of the web programs; no JavaScript Heavy lifting was required as we examined in our first instructional exercise.

WebDriver makes guide calls to the Web program and the whole test content is executed in this design. WebDriver utilizes the programs support and capacities to mechanization. WebDriver is an absolutely protest situated structure that takes a shot at OS layer. It uses the program’s local similarity to mechanization without utilizing any fringe substance. With the expanding request, it has picked up a huge ubiquity, client base and has progressed toward becoming by a wide margin a standout amongst the most broadly utilized open source computerization testing apparatuses. WebDriver bolsters a various scope of web programs and their renditions. It underpins all the customary programs notwithstanding some one of a kind and uncommon programs like HtmlUnit program not at all like Selenium RC and Selenium IDE.

Hye Infotech provides the best training on Selenium WebDriver Training in chennai. We arrange classes based on student feasible timings, to take online or classroom trainings in chennai. We are the Best Selenium WebDriver Training Institute in Chennai as far as Selenium WebDriver syllabus is concerned.

Course Objective

  • Selenium Introduction
  • Selenium Introduction
  • What is Selenium and Why Selenium
  • Use of Automation Testing?
  • Explanation of Selenium and its advantages
  • Differences between Selenium and QTP
  • Selenium Components
  • Introduction of selenium Components
  • OOPs concepts and Core Java Introduction
  • OOPs concepts
  • Setup Java environment – Download JDK and Setup eclipse
  • Java programming concepts
  • Class, Object, variables, methods, Packages
  • Conditions and loops
  • Access and non-access modifiers
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • Interfaces, Inheritance
  • Collections, Exceptions
  • Selenium IDE and RC Introduction
  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • “Selenese” – Selenium Commands
  • Actions, Asserts, Assessors.
  • Developing Test Cases & Test Suites with Selenium-IDE
  • Introduction to Selenium RC
  • Installations
  • eclipse-Oxygen
  • JDK 1.8
  • Firefox 47.0.1, firebug and firepath
  • Set up TestNG, Maven and Selenium (2.53.1 &3.0 +) for eclipse
  • Selenium WebDriver 2.0 and 3.0 Introduction
  • Selenium WebDriver Introduction
  • WebDriver Vs RC
  • Explain Download and Configure WebDriver with Eclipse
  • Simple Testcase
  • Open and Close Browser
  • Describe Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE, Chrome, Edge.
  • UI elements Locators.
  • Explain Identifying WebElement using id, name, link text, class, xpath, css
  • Handling various WebElement using WebDriver
  • Handling Mouse movements and keyboard Events
  • Gecko-Driver
  • File uploading using Auto-It and Robot.
  • Testing Framework and Tools
  • Introduction of Testing framework
  • Types of frameworks
  • Tools for developing Test Framework
  • TestNG introduction and Configuration with eclipse
  • TestNG Annotations and Data Providers
  • Creating Test Suit with TestNG
  • Develop Hybrid Framework
  • Developing Hybrid Framework for Web Application using WebDriver /TestNG and Maven
  • Use external Data for Testing (Excel sheet, XML files, Property file)
  • Reading and understanding reports
  • Screenshots of failed Test case
  • Configuration Management
  • Jenkins Installation
  • Maven Installation
  • Dependencies and configure Maven Project
  • Integrate Maven projects in Jenkins.

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