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Apache Sqoop (SQL-to-Hadoop) is intended to help mass import of information into HDFS from organized information stores, for example, social databases, endeavor information stockrooms, and NoSQL frameworks. Sqoop depends on a connector engineering which underpins modules to give network to new outside frameworks. A case utilize instance of Sqoop, is a venture that runs a daily Sqoop import to stack the day’s information from a generation value-based RDBMS into a Hive information stockroom for promote examination.

All the current Database Management Systems are planned in light of SQL standard. Nonetheless, every DBMS varies concerning tongue to some degree. Thus, this distinction postures challenges with regards to information exchanges over the frameworks. Sqoop Connectors are segments which help defeat these difficulties.

Information exchange amongst Sqoop and outside capacity framework is made conceivable with the assistance of Sqoop’s connectors. Sqoop has connectors for working with a scope of well known social databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2.

Every one of these connectors knows how to cooperate with its related DBMS. There is likewise a nonexclusive JDBC connector for associating to any database that backings Java’s JDBC convention. What’s more, Sqoop gives advanced MySQL and PostgreSQL connectors that utilize database-particular APIs to perform mass exchanges proficiently.


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Usability – Sqoop gives connectors to be designed in one a chance to put, which can be overseen by the administrator part and keep running by the administrator part. This brought together design helps in better organization of Big Data investigation and arrangements. Simplicity of Extension – The connectors of Sqoop are not limited to only the JDBC display. It has the capabilities to expand and characterize its own vocabulary without wanting to say a table name. Security – The way that Sqoop works as server based application that secures access to outer frameworks and does not permit code age, makes its security to pass by.

With expanding number of business associations receiving Hadoop to break down enormous measures of organized or unstructured information, there is a requirement for them to exchange petabytes or exabytes of information between their current social databases, information sources, information distribution centers and the Hadoop condition. Getting to enormous measures of unstructured information specifically from MapReduce applications running on expansive Hadoop groups or stacking it from generation frameworks is a mind boggling assignment since information exchange utilizing contents is regularly not successful and tedious.

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Course Objective

  • Introduction to Sqoop
  • What is Sqoop
  • Where is Sqoop Used
  • Advantages of Sqoop
  • Who should use Sqoop
  • Sqoop Import
  • Sqoop Import and Export
  • Customizing Import and Export Process
  • Introduction to Installation

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