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SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is the innovation from the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack, to create Online Analytical Processing arrangements. In basic terms, you can utilize SSAS to make 3D squares utilizing information from information shops/information distribution center for more profound and quicker information examination. Blocks are multi-dimensional information sources which have measurements and actualities as its fundamental constituents.

From a social viewpoint measurements can be thought of as ace tables and realities can be thought of as quantifiable points of interest. These subtle elements are for the most part put away in a pre-amassed exclusive configuration and clients can break down colossal measures of information and cut this information by measurements effortlessly.

Multi-dimensional articulation (MDX) is the inquiry dialect used to inquiry a 3D shape, like the way T-SQL is utilized to question a table in SQL Server. Basic cases of measurements can be item/topography/time/client, and comparable straightforward cases of actualities can be orders/deals.

A common examination could be to break down deals in Asia-pacific topography amid the previous 5 years. You can think about this information as a turn table where topography is the section hub and years is the column pivot, and deals can be viewed as the qualities.Information in Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) frameworks is suited to help advantageous information stockpiling for client confronting applications.


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The information demonstrate in such frameworks is exceedingly standardized. For information warehousing conditions, information is required to be in a pattern that backings a dimensional model. Information is subsequently changed from the OLTP stockpiling frameworks to an information distribution center utilizing ETL, with the goal that information can be adjusted in a reasonable configuration to make information bazaars from the information stockroom. Two noteworthy hypotheses driving the outline of an information distribution center and information bazaars are from Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon which are generally rehearsed continuously situations. By and large information is assembled from OLTP frameworks and conveyed to the information distribution center.

From the information distribution center, setting/necessity particular information stores are made, which can be seen as a subset of the information distribution center. Shape source information from these information stores, and customer applications interface with the 3D shape. The mapping for a shape falls into two classes: Star and Snowflake. In straightforward terms, Star Schema can be viewed as a more denormalized type of mapping contrasted with Snowflake. Designing and developing a data warehouse is out extension for this instructional exercise. With the end goal of improvement, we will introduce also, utilize the AdventureWorks DW database. We will then make a SSAS venture and make an information source which will interface with this database. At long last we will make a star composition utilizing a Data Source View.

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Course Objective

  • Introduction to SSAS
  • Datawarehouse Concepts
  • Analysis Services Architecture
  • Introduction to SSAS 2008 R2 & 2012
  • Data warehouse Architecture
  • Need for Cubes and Measures
  • Identifying Facts and Dimensions
  • Identifying Measures and Aggregates
  • Identifying Attributes and Hierarchies
  • Datawarehouse Design Principles
  • Staging operations and usages
  • Basic SSAS Entities
  • Data Source and Data Source Views
  • Manipulating structures in DSV
  • Computed and Named Queries
  • Building Entity Relationships
  • Deciding Datawarehouse Schema
  • Dimension Wizard
  • Creating Dimensions and Builds
  • Attributes and Member Names
  • Choosing Dimension Templates
  • Applying Time Dimensions
  • Need for Hierarchies and Limitations
  • Attribute Relations and Uses
  • Building Levels and Hierarchies
  • Need for Composite Attribute Keys
  • Creating empty Dimensions
  • Cube Wizard
  • Planning for Cube Design
  • Identifying Cube Entries
  • Measures and Additives
  • Creating Measure Groups
  • Cube Customizations and Options
  • Empty Cubes and Enhancements
  • Cube Operations
  • Dimension Usage and Flexible Cubes
  • Building Fact Dimensions
  • Calculations and Conditional Colors
  • MDX Scripting for Calculations
  • Calculation Sets and Options
  • Defining KPIs and Goals
  • Perspectives and Uses
  • SSAS Actions and Coding
  • SSAS Partitions and Aggregations
  • Need for Cube Partitions
  • Local and Remote Partitions
  • Need for Storage Models
  • Generation of Aggregations
  • MDX Specifics and Functions
  • Need of MDX Language
  • Complex MDX Queries
  • MDX Functions & Limitations
  • PARALLELPERIOD specifics
  • Conditional MDX JOINS
  • Cube and Dimension Writebacks
  • MDX Transactions & Limitations
  • Data Mining and Forecast
  • Need for Data Mining Structures
  • Data Mining Algorithms and Rules
  • DMX Queries and Forecast Reports
  • Data Mining Scope and Ranking
  • Prediction Functions and Analysis
  • SSAS Deployment
  • Deployment Pre-requisites
  • Deployment Options and Tools
  • Creating OLAP (SSAS) Databases
  • Processing Options and stages
  • Managing Deployment Process
  • SSAS Logging
  • Benefits of SSAS Logging
  • Choosing correct log providers
  • Managing SSAS Log Providers
  • OLAP Database Management
  • OLAP Database Backups
  • Compressions and Encryptions
  • Restore Options and Partitions
  • Scripting Backups and XMLA
  • Scheduling Backupsand Jobs
  • DB Synchronizations and XMLA
  • Managing Partitions & Aggregations
  • DB Reports and Dashboards
  • Monitoring Execution Plans
  • Usage Based Optimizations (UBO)
  • Need for Optimizations and Audits
  • Designing Aggregations using UBO
  • OLAP Restore Options and XMLA
  • Managing Security
  • SSAS Security Roles and Scope
  • Object Level Access and MDX
  • Drill-Through Security and MDX
  • Item Level Security and MDX
  • Dynamic Security Implementation
  • Windows Level Authentications
  • Security Audits and Query Logs
  • Schedules and Upgrades
  • Using SSIS for DW Management
  • Using SSIS for XMLA Operations
  • MDX and DMX Operaitons in SSIS
  • Scheduling SSAS operations
  • Upgrading OLAP Databases (DW)
  • Comparing SSAS 2008 R2 & 2012
  • New SSAS Features in DENALI

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