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Teradata Database is a data store bolstered by apparatuses and utilities that make it a total and dynamic social database administration framework. Teradata engineers planned Teradata Database from for the most part off-the-rack equipment segments. The outcome was a reasonable, great framework that surpassed the execution of regular social database administration frameworks.This way to deal with information storage is known as the single adaptation of the business.

The engineering underpins both single-hub, Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) frameworks and multinode, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) frameworks in which the disseminated capacities impart by methods for a quick interconnect structure.

The interconnect structure is the BYNET for MPP frameworks and the boardless BYNET for SMP frameworks. SQL is the dialect of social database correspondence. Teradata SQL, which is comprehensively perfect with ANSI SQL, broadens the capacities of SQL by adding Teradata-particular augmentations to the nonexclusive SQL proclamations.

A plan objective of Teradata Database was to give a solitary information store to an assortment of customer structures. This approach extraordinarily lessens information duplication and errors that can crawl into information that is kept up in different stores.


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Customers can get to a solitary duplicate of big business information and Teradata Database deals with so much things as information compose interpretation, associations, simultaneousness, and workload administration. The accompanying figure delineates the possibility of heterogeneous customer get to, where centralized server customers, arrange joined workstations, and PCs can get to and control a similar database all the while. In this figure, the centralized server is appended by means of channel associations and different frameworks are joined by means of system associations. Teradata Database enables clients to see and oversee a lot of information as a gathering of related tables. Teradata Database programming dwells on the stage and actualizes the social database condition. Teradata Tools and Utilities is a complete suite of devices and utilities intended to work in the customer condition used to get to Teradata Database. Teradata gives various institutionalized interfaces to encourage simple improvement of utilizations that entrance Teradata Database.

Teradata stack and empty utilities offer a capable answer for dealing with every one of your information stack prerequisites from cluster to continuous. Teradata stack and empty utilities are completely parallel to give ideal and adaptable execution to getting information all through your Teradata Database. Moreover, you can import and fare information to and from have based and customer inhabitant information sources, including centralized server have databases, endeavor server databases or departmental information shops. The accompanying table portrays Teradata stack and empty utilities. Access modules are connectors that permit all Teradata stack and empty utilities to interface with an assortment of information sources through principles based interfaces. These models based modules let you read from a given information source as though you were perusing from a level record.

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Course Objective

  • TERADATA Architecture
  • Parsing Engine(PE)
  • Request and Response Parcel
  • Access Module Processors (AMPs)
  • Bynet
  • Data access Handling
  • TD Config Utilities
  • Config and Reconfig
  • TERADATA Database Space
  • Permanent Space
  • Spool Space
  • Temp Space
  • Indexes
  • DBC Dictionary Tables
  • Data dictionary
  • Parsing Engine
  • System Views
  • Database Views
  • DBC Users View
  • Indices View
  • All Temp Tables View
  • Using DBC AMP Usage
  • Using DBC Table Size
  • Logon and Logoff Tracking.
  • Access Rights, Roles, Profiles
  • Access rights (Auto,implicit,Explicit Rights)
  • Roles and Profiles
  • Creating Roles and Profiles
  • DBC.RoleInfo and DBC.ProfileInfo
  • Query analysis and Tools
  • Database Query Log (DBQL)
  • DBQL Tables and Views
  • Access Logging
  • System Access Control Level
  • TD Password Encryption
  • Password Security Features
  • Host Logon Processing
  • Session Related Views
  • DBC.sessionInfo Info View
  • Data Access Info Views
  • Access LogRules Views
  • Access Log Views
  • TD Manager
  • TD Manager Apps
  • TD Dashboard
  • Priority Scheduler Admin
  • TD Manager Service
  • Starting TD Manager
  • Monitoring tools
  • Performance Monitor
  • PMON Main window
  • PMON sessions Screen
  • TD Administrator
  • TD manager Dynamic Utilization Charting
  • Locking Logger
  • TD Remote Console Utilities
  • Starting DB Window
  • Archiving Data
  • Archive and Recovery Statements
  • Recovery vs. FastLoad
  • Invoking Archive
  • Restart Log
  • ANALYZE Statement
  • Archive
  • Database DBC Archive
  • Indexes option
  • Database DBC Archive
  • Archive and Recovery (ARC) Examples
  • Restoring data
  • Restore
  • COPY
  • Copying Tables

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