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Visual Basic is a third-generation occasion driven programming language initially discharged by Microsoft in 1991. It developed from the before DOS version called BASIC. Fundamental means Beginners’ All-reason Symbolic Instruction Code. From that point forward Microsoft has discharged numerous renditions of Visual Basic, from Visual Basic 1.0 to the last form Visual Basic 6.0. Visual Basic is an easy to understand programming dialect intended for amateurs, and it empowers anybody to create GUI window applications effortlessly.

In 2002, Microsoft discharged Visual Basic.NET(VB.NET) to supplant Visual Basic 6. From that point, Microsoft pronounced VB6 a heritage programming language in 2008. Luckily, Microsoft still gives some type of help to VB6.

VB.NET is a completely question situated programming dialect executed in the .NET Framework. It was made to provide food for the advancement of the web and additionally versatile applications.

Be that as it may, numerous engineers still support Visual Basic 6.0 over its successor Visual Basic.NET. VBA is incorporated with most Microsoft Office applications, including Office for Mac OS X, and other Microsoft applications, including Microsoft MapPoint and Microsoft Vision. The structure of the Basic programming dialect is exceptionally straightforward, especially with regards to the executable code.


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The structure of the Basic programming dialect is exceptionally straightforward, especially with regards to the executable code. VB isn’t just a dialect yet essentially an incorporated, intelligent advancement condition (“IDE”). The VB-IDE has been exceptionally improved to help quick application advancement (“RAD”). It is especially simple to create graphical UIs and to interface them to handler capacities gave by the application. The graphical UI of the VB-IDE gives instinctively engaging perspectives to the administration of the program structure in the huge and the different sorts of substances (classes, modules, methods, shapes, …). VB gives a complete intelligent and setting touchy online help framework.

When altering program messages the “IntelliSense” innovation educates you in a little popup window about the kinds of builds that might be entered at the present cursor area. VB is a part incorporation dialect which is receptive to Microsoft’s Component Object Model (“COM”). COM segments can be composed in various dialects and after that inegrated utilizing VB. Interfaces of COM segments can be effectively called remotely through Distributed COM (“DCOM”), which makes it simple to develop dispersed applications. COM segments can be inserted in/connected to your application’s UI and furthermore in/to put away reports (Object Linking and Embedding “OLE”, “Compound Documents”). There is an abundance of promptly accessible COM segments for some, extraordinary purposes.

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Course Objective

  • Basic topics
  • Introduction
  • How to add Developer Tool bar
  • Options in Developer Tool bar
  • Record a Macro
  • Edit the recorded macro
  • ActiveX Controls
  • Form Controls
  • Excel dialog Sheets
  • Options is VBA Screen
  • Enable properties
  • Views in VBA Screen
  • Locking of projects
  • Run option
  • Break options
  • Immediate Windows
  • Basic User forms
  • References
  • Object library
  • Advanced Topics
  • Working with VBA Editor
  • Option Explicit/Base coding
  • VBA Programming Concept
  • VBA Syntax and Semantics
  • Variable types and Declarations
  • Repeating Actions with Loops
  • Procedures
  • File handling
  • Controlling 3rd party applications
  • Excel Object Model
  • Application Object
  • Workbooks and Worksheets
  • Ranges and Cells
  • Numerical and String Functions
  • Dates and Time
  • Formatting Excel Objects
  • Files Import and Export
  • Excel Event
  • Error handlings
  • Functions in VBA
  • How to apply Worksheet functions in VBA
  • Advanced User forms
  • Connecting Data from Excel to User forms
  • Worksheet Events

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